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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Steven Brooks. And Steven, you like to teach on the anointing.


SID: What is the anointing?

STEVEN: Sid, the anointing is the power of God’s Holy Spirit to remove burdens, destroy yokes and do it in a way that seems easy. The anointing, when we think of anointing we often think of oil, of somebody being anointed with oil, but that that oil is slippery. And God can do things that we can never do. We might struggle to get it done, but God can come in one second with that anointing. It’s slippery, so fast, so easy, often times the miracle is done and we’re puzzled just trying to figure it out because it happened so easy. Many times it just flows just like oil does.

SID: What happens when you teach on it? Give me a specific.

STEVEN: What happens is those burdens, many times the burdens rest on a person’s shoulder, tries to weigh a person down. The burdens begin to get lifted.

SID: It’s almost like the oil causes it to slip off.

STEVEN: It slips off. Then there’s the yoke. The yoke goes around the neck. The yoke is that last thing that the enemy tries to have on a person to hold them down. But that anointing snaps that yoke. That yoke is not only broken, it’s absolutely destroyed and that’s why when a person receives God’s healing power or that anointing of the spirit they can stay healed. That thing can be destroyed and gone from their life forever.

SID: Tell me about that person with the spine that was bad.

STEVEN: Well I was ministering down a healing line, Sid, and just ministering in that healing and anointing, and the anointing makes it easy for me to minister. There’s no strain. And so often times I don’t have to just really hit somebody or lay hands on them strongly. I always try to use a gentleness. But often times I just touch a person. And recently I just gently touched a lady and she was absolutely healed of a major degenerative spine problem, just instantly healed just by very simple touch. That’s how powerful the anointing is.

SID: I’ve got to hear about when he is speaking about the anointing in the Himalayas and the golden raining came down. Tell me what happened.

STEVEN: Sid, that was a powerful meeting up in the Himalayan mountain region. We had about 400 young people in the meeting, most in their late teens, some in their 20s, up to the age of 29. And the anointing was so strong in the meetings, first of all, the fragrance of the Lord just blew through the room and yokes began to be absolutely destroyed off of people’s lives. And some of these young people, Sid, had heavy addictions with backgrounds in drug usage or tremendous sexual abuse, or sexual morality, and this tremendous freedom began to come to the place, and God began to deliver the young people, and it looked liked if you were to just walk into the meeting you would have thought a bomb went off. It was one of the most drunken services I’d ever seen in my life, even some of the grown adults, spirit-filled believers for years where their assistants were wiped out by the spirit. One man that weighed over 200 pounds, very dedicated worker in the Lord’s ministry, had to be carried out of the meeting, and he had to be carried one mile back to the lodge where he was staying at. Just powerful, powerful–

SID: Just overcome with the presence of God.

STEVEN: Just tremendous overcome. And overcome, not for 20 minutes, all night long for six

or eight, or even 10 hours just people got moved.

SID: Why does God do this when you’re teaching the anointing?

STEVEN: It’s the teaching anointing mixed with the hunger. Those two things come together. There’s a catalyst of people wanting to be set free. The Lord wants them to be set free, and so that anointing hits their faith and it causes the chain reaction in the spirit realm.

SID: Tell me in India about the person with the chunks of flesh.

STEVEN: I was ministering in India last year, Sid, and when I went to the meeting to minister there were no easy cases. It was all hard cases. There were no headaches or no little arthritis in the elbow. It was major diseases. Either it was leprosy, people with body parts missing, people with chunks of flesh falling off. Tremendously hard cases. And I began to pray for some of the Christians first, “God, begin to heal them.” The Hindus saw that. The Hindus came to the meeting with no faith in Jesus as Messiah, but they saw the miracles, and they came and when they saw what God was doing they jumped up in the healing. God began to heal the Hindus. Many of them just gave their hearts to the Lord there on the spot. But Sid, even as I was ministering there was a young woman in her early 20s. I could see her. She was laid out on the front row. They brought her to the meeting. They literally carried her into the meeting. She was blind, paralyzed and demon-possessed. God did an incredible miracle with her. They carried her up into the line and I laid hands on her. I knew the anointing of Jesus went enter her body, but they carried her off. When they carried her off she looked almost exactly the same as she did before I prayed for her. But the next morning the crowds had swollen. We’re well into several thousand people in the meeting now. At the height of the praise and worship when everybody had had their hands raised worshiping Jesus, in walked that young woman absolutely totally healed. All the paralysis gone, her eyesight restored, and she had given her heart to Jesus and rays of light were literally streaming out of her face. Everybody saw it. The church almost fell out. It absolutely shook the church. It shook the community. I just returned from India. She’s still saved today. She was a Muslim. She gave her heart to the Lord and she’s saved today.

SID: Now when you speak all sorts of supernatural things occur, especially when he teaches on the anointing. And we were talking about the affect of this golden rain in the Himalayas. What did it look like?

STEVEN: Sid, you could literally look up, lift your face up and look up, and you could literally feel liquid drops of rain falling on your face. It felt like rain in the natural, but it was golden, and it would just splash all over your face and give you the most uncontrollable laughter. You would just laugh and laugh. It doesn’t matter how difficult life was or what kind of discouraging experiences you may have had. When that golden glory hit you and that rain just went all over you, you just would laugh uncontrollably. I was laughing uncontrollably. I was just so full of the joy of God that it just makes it all worth it.

SID: Steven, I feel the rain. I feel the presence. Would you pray for those that are watching right now?

STEVEN: You know, some of you are watching me. You’re discouraged. You’re discouraged about your finances. You’re discouraged about your body. You’re discouraged at your children not serving the Lord. Just let God refresh you right now. Come on and just look up to the Lord. Raise your hands. Father, I pray that you rain, refresh and bless your people right now because God says it’s gonna be all right. God wants to wipe away your tears right now and it’s time for you to smile. You’ve come through your season of the storm. Now the clouds are parting. Now the sun is shining, and now God is wanting to bless you because you’ve honored Him through this whole thing. You’ve praised Him and now it’s time for your reward. So lift your eyes up and look into the Lord Jesus Christ. For your faith shall not become site, and you will see the blessings of God overtake your life. Glory to Jesus. Just receive his golden rain now.

SID: I’m receiving it. Briefly, tell me about this dream you’ve had for 20 years keeps reoccurring.

Steve: Sid, I’ve had this dream over 100 times of a gigantic tidal wave. When I began to have this dream about 20 years back I didn’t understand it. It would almost terrified me. But a gigantic wave breaking over America, breaking over the nations of the earth. And what I’ve come to understand that this is, is a great End Time outpouring of God’s spirit that’s going to break over the church and God’s going to beautify His church, and we’re going to see the glory poured out upon His people like we’ve never seen before. The greatest miracles we’ve ever seen are yet to come. We’re going to taste them. We’re going to experience it. We’re going to walk in it and live in God’s glory.

SID: Did you get that? A tidal wave is coming. You don’t want to be on the sidelines when this happens. You want to be a participant. There is no close second to the excitement of having intimacy with God knowing that God loves you, knowing that you weren’t an accident, knowing there is a destiny for your life, knowing that if God is for you who could be against you. The only way you can know this is not through religion, not through tradition, but by knowing God for yourself. The only way to know God is to know that God came in a human form, Jesus, who lived among us as a man guiding your place, and by his blood your sins will wash away. It’s as if today is the first day of the rest of your life. What are you going to do about it? Do you want this new beginning? Do you love the way it is? Are you saying there must be something more? There is. In your own words, I mean, I got a simple prayer, “Jesus, help.” Transformed my life, my marriage, my mind, my health, everything. It’s time for you to have that transformation. The rain is falling right now, the golden rain. With your own mouth, out loud, make Jesus your Messiah and Lord. Do it now.

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