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SID:  Hello Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Dr. Gwen Correll, this is a different show, different than any show that you have ever seen on television, because it is truly interactive, what I mean by that is you are not going to just sit back and have your shoes off and eating your popcorn, or drinking your beer, or whatever you are doing.  This is interactive, you are going to receive many of the things that my guest has received supernaturally through the Spirit of God you will see what I am talking about.  My quest Dr. Gwen Correll, went through a horrible tragedy.  She was a mother, wife, three children and her husband died.  And she had read books on healing and she was convinced that her husband would live.  But let’s go back just a little bit, Gwen as a young child you had an encounter with God, tell me about that.

GWEN:  I was supernaturally touch at the age of six.

SID:  Six!  At 30 I became to know the Messiah, now I wish that would of happen to me but go ahead.

GWEN:  Well a little girl had invited me to what she called a tent revival, in a small town, I went with her, I had never been to any place like that before I had never seen anything like that before.  And while I was sitting there people were going to the altar and something came over me, I just got up didn’t really think about it I just got up and I walked down to the altar I knelt down and a strange language flowed out of my mouth.  I didn’t know what happened, no one said anything to me no one had prayed for me but God had supernaturally touched me at that meeting.

SID:  Now I am going to fast forward and then you are married and then all of a sudden you get on fire for God again, but your husband is dragging his feet tell me about that.

GWEN:  Well I got touched by the Holy Spirit I was hungry, I was on fire, I was reading all kinds of materials, I was praying, he just didn’t understand, it was not in him, he just did not understand, so I began to pray for him.  I just began to ‘call those things that be not as though they were.’  I called him into wanting to know God, hungry for God and he began to want to win souls, he became a soul winner; and then, little by little…

SID:  Now if you had not taken that stance and maybe taking that stance as many Christian women when the wife gets really on fire for God and the husband is dragging his feet, or vise versa.  And unfortunately there is too many divorces that go on, instead you took the time to believe God.

GWEN:  I was determined I wanted us to live in unity together and to want the same things, and so what God had done for me I wanted it for all of my family, I wanted it for my husband and my children, and so I was determined that the word works if you work the word.

SID:  So he got hungry for God and this was your hearts desire and then when did you find out he was sick?

GWEN:  Well we had he had been supernaturally touched actually when we were in India, and then he had a desire; he was a business man all of his life and had a desire to start a ministry for drug addicts and alcoholics.  So we had our first meeting to start this ministry and the next day we were at a church meeting and during the altar call in the service he dropped to the floor with a grand mal seizure and four months later he was dead.

SID:  Now you understood that it is Gods will that you live and not die?

GWEN:  Yes

SID:  He understood that, but he died and I have to ask you this, why?

GWEN:  I believe that he had head knowledge but it had not dropped down into his spirit.  You have to have heart knowledge of the word, it has got to become real, it has got to become apart of you.  And there are so many things actually I didn’t know and he didn’t know you know the bible says my people parish for lack of knowledge.  Knowledge we didn’t know on certain things and so he died before his time.  God promises us a long life,

SID:  But you didn’t prepare for his death?

GWEN:  No I wasn’t

SID:  You prepared for him to live.

GWEN:  Oh yes.

SID:  And were you there the moment that he died?

GWEN:  I was in the hospital when he died, we had been playing video’s healing video’s for the last part of his death he was comatose and yet we just continued to speak the word, continued to believe I was speaking the word night and day.  I was not going to take no for an answer, but you know when you wait till the last minute when something tragic hits your body, it is hard then to get a hold of the word and get that truth inside of you and so we were playing a video Betty Baxter, In Heaven and we had that on and it was after she was showing heaven and all about heaven and right after that video he bottom lined and he died, and I believe that he made a decision.  I believe he saw glory, I believe he saw a glimpse of heaven and he said I am out of here.

SID:  He said I am out of here, but she is left with three young children not planning on her husband dying and she literally got angry with God we will be right back after this, you are going to want something that is going to change your life, because Gwen has told me already that there are healing words that are about ready to flow, it is interactive we will be right back after this word, don’t go away.

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