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Sid: The wall of separation has come down to form one new being, one new man and this new man has a name, in Hebrew, Yeshua in English, Jesus.  That’s what Paul meant when he said the reason that Jesus came was to break down that middle wall of separation between Jew and Gentile to form a brand new species of being. A full dwelling place for God and that is what we are about ready to see Mishpochah.  My guest, Katie Souza has got what I know is the key, the revelation to reach the Jew.  Why do I say that? The Bible says the Jew requires a sign.  It also says, in Roman’s 11:11 Salvation has come to the Gentile to provoke the Jew to jealousy, in other words, to move in signs and wonders to provoke the Jew to jealousy.  So if you can understand the revelation of all of the healing that is available to us in Jesus, you can not only walk in Devine health, but you can reach Jewish people.  Who then can reach the Gentiles, the two; arm in arm will embark in the greatest revival the world has ever seen.

Sid: Now Katie, on yesterdays broadcast you said you had just got out of prison and you had seen some healings, but God directed you to Bethel Church in Redding, California.  You went there and a couple of housewives grabbed hold of you.  They laid hands on you.  There was a tangible impartation of the healing anointing.  You went home because your mother had been sick with a horrible disease for twenty-five years.  It was literally eating her hip bones and other bones from her body and she was in agonizing pain there was nothing the doctors could do for her.  You really wanted answers to healing.  You get home, you lay hands on her.  You’d feel something going on like a switch comes on.  You feel power of God going into her.  You are convinced she is healed but she is not.  Then your Dad, you did the same thing for.  He had a prostrate problem that he needed surgery for.  He gets instantly healed and you know there is some sort of blockage and the Lord reveals to you what the blockage is.  It is in the demonic realm, but he gives you an understanding that there are orders of demons.  The strongest, the weakest and the strongest, is the king.  And if you can get rid of the king, if you can knock the king out of the demonic kingdom over that sickness then all the other demons flee as if in terror.  So you understand this, now. This revelation from God, what do you do about it?

Katie: Well, I saw that when Goliath was beaten, that his army instantly fled, so I knew that it was truth.    When you start at the top and work your way down that the powers and the master spirits underneath these kings are going to leave, and I saw Jesus doing it.  I was like, I want to Jesus doing everything.  Because, if Jesus does something then that means it’s totally biblical and it is the way that He would do it and He was always successful in every healing that He did.  And it says in the scriptures that Jesus took out the kings.  Do you remember the showdown in the desert with Him and Satan?

Sid: Right.

Katie: It said that Satan said to Him, they took Him up on the high mountain and he said to Him, “Let me show you all kingdoms.  If you just bow to me once to pay homage to me I’ll give you all these kingdoms.  He wasn’t talking about, fancy cities like Jerusalem or Egypt.  He was talking about his demonic realms,   his kings, where all kingdoms were where all his kings were in positions of power.  And Jesus took them out in the desert.  Now remember this is Jesus did that in the beginning of His ministry before He even started doing signs and wonders and healing.  And from that point on because he took out Satan and the kings first, every power and master spirit Jesus came up against just submitted to Him without a fight, because Jesus knew the right order in fighting the kingdom.  He started from the top down. So when I got that revelation I was like okay, I got to take out the kings first.  There are kings over Mom and I need to know which one it is Lord and He said well, one of them is in Isaiah 14. So I went to that chapter and sure enough Sid, it was about a king and his name was a satanic king of Babylon.  As I began to read the scriptures about him, I knew that the king of Babylon in the natural was the king that had taken the Israelites into physical captivity in Babylon.  Well, the satanic king that’s his same job.  He’s in charge of physically imprisoning us in our body.  And as I read in the Amplified in Isaiah 14 all his job descriptions, you could see that he “caused us pain,”” weakened us,”” troubled us.” Wow, those are all things that are talking about the body, the physical body. So, I began to make war with this king against Mom.  And, you know what?  I didn’t even know how to do it.

Sid: I was just going to ask you.  How did you make war with this king?

Katie: Right, well in the beginning, in this teaching that you are offering I give, step by step instructions on how to fight the kings.  But for me in the beginning, I had the basic most important.  I had the scriptures.

Sid: By the way, speaking of the scriptures.  I thought, that when I was looking over my notes on your teaching.  I thought that it’s amazing what Isaiah 14 reveals that this king of Babylon does.  I mean, it sounds like ever disease you can think of.  Pains and everything connected with disease.

Katie: Right, those were like his job descriptions.  He weakens us, “he lays us prostrate”.  I mean that is so description of diseases and bodily affections and I thought this guy indeed is a king and he is in charge of causing our physical pain and illness.  So when I saw that I knew that the scripture was proving what God was saying to me. And so, not knowing anything else to do, but just having the most important thing, the word of God.  I just began to read that scripture out loud and decree it against this king that was over Mom.   One of the things it said in that scripture is that we take up a taunt against him and he would fall from his position of power.  Now, you see the demonic realm is based in the second heaven.  So, as I began to fight and command him to fall, I could feel burning on my legs, Sid and power being released from my stomach.  And all of the sudden in an open eye vision, I saw this being look like a man falling through the clouds down to the earth.  And when I saw him, he was even screaming.  Ah. Ah and as I saw him I said, what was that Lord.  And the Lord said, don’t you remember when that happened? And he brought to my mind the scriptures about the 72 and they were given the same anointing that I had gotten at Bethel.  The Matthew 10 anointing that drives out demons and heals the sick.  And he said that when they went out with that anointing and they came back they were like, Jesus wow, even the demons submitted to us in your name.  And Jesus said, well I saw Satan fall like lightning from the sky.

Sid: That’s exactly what you saw in your vision.

Katie: Exactly. And so there it is. To me that proved, wow this revelation is true.  Wow it really works.  Wow I fought against that king he actually fell from the sky. Because Jesus wasn’t just talking about Satan falling, he is talking about Satan’s kingdoms his kings and their kingdoms.  I actually saw him fall so I knew it was working.  And that night we went over to my mother’s house, me and two of my team members.  We started praying for my Mom and in the middle of it, one of my team members, Jean, stood up and she had an angel feather stuck to her shirt, Sid. Here is the thing. Mom didn’t have any down blankets or pillows in that room, nothing like that. When I looked at that feather, I said God what is that? And I heard in my mind Acts 12:10. When I went to it was about the Angel of the Lord breaking Peter out of prison.  Right there I knew that God was saying, yes it worked.  That king was over your Mom.  You commanded him to fall.  He fell and now the Angel of the Lord came in response to your prayer to break your Mom out of prison and he left his calling card behind.

Sid: So what happened to her hip?

Katie: Well, first what happened is she was delivered of addiction to dilaudid which is a prescription equivalent to Heroin.  She had been addicted to that for 10 years, Sid.  That was completely removed from her body.  And then, about six months later, I had been releasing the Glory Light on her and we talk about that later, on her hip believing and commanding for it to grow back.

Sid: And that‘s that new revelation of the Glory Light, which is our bonus CD, which I am overwhelmed over the revelation that you got on that, so go ahead.

Katie: She had the one hip removed, but the other hip she had was about to be taken out because it was getting so thin.  The leg bone was about to break through the hip into the intestines.  So the Lord said release the “Glory Light” on that hip so that it can be strengthening and restored.  I began to that.  I was in Australia when I did it Sid.  I was in Australia and as I’m coming home I was in another…

Sid: It doesn’t matter how far away you are, just as in the New Testament and Jesus just spoke the word only and the Centurion’s servant was healed.

Katie: Long distant healing.

Sid: That’s right.

Katie: Jesus did it so we can to.  As I was coming back to America, I was in another state and the Lord said now her leg bone is not in the joint of her hip.  You need to command it to come together, bone to its bone.  He actually gave me the word thundering.  I was like thundering?  I did a word search on thundering in the Bible and it was in that scripture with Ezekiel.  It says there was a shaking, a rattling and thundering and the bones came together, bone to its bone.  So when I saw that after I heard the word thundering, I got so excited.  When I came back home, I got off the plane, I ran over to her house, I ran into her room and she didn’t even know what I was doing.  And I began to command those bones to come together for that leg bone to go into socket. I didn’t even say that. I didn’t even say l for the leg bone go into its socket.  I just said come together bone to its bone and all of the sudden, Mom goes ouch.  I said ouch what?  And I thought I had hurt her or something and she goes I had a pain. Well what kind of a pain?  She said “well it was not really a pain, it was more of a feeling of like when the ball of a truck goes into the hitch of a tailor.”

Sid: To make a long story short because we are running out of time. She got off her drug addiction, and more important, you learned some key principals of healing.  You’ve have learned so much more since and you’ve put together your Healing School which is six CDs. Which I believe are many of the missing keys of healing revealed, especially healing in the glory.  How to heal soul wounds in the glory.  The keys to having unsaved people saved from the glory.  We are making that available in the bonus CD, the Glory Light.

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