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Sid Roth welcomes Nathan Morris

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. And I am with a young man that the fire of God has gone through his whole body and when he speaks this happens to other people. Now Nathan, you have been going all over the world and having campaigns. Tell me what you’re seeing with your own eyes at these campaigns.

NATHAN: Very early in my Christian walk within the first 12 months that I came to Christ I began to go after God, pursue God. I’d spend hours in prayer with Him. I’d come in from work. I just wanted to be in the presence of Jesus.

SID: When you would pursue Him, just help me out, what would you do?

NATHAN: Oh, I was like a passionate young man. I used to cry out to God, “God, I want your fire! God, fill me. Use me, Lord. Whatever you want to do, God, I want your presence.” You see, for me, it wasn’t about gospel campaigns then. I just wanted the presence of God. I had grown up in church. Sid, I did not want to sit in a pew for the rest of my days playing church. I wanted the real, I wanted the genuine. When Jesus said, “I shall fill you with the Spirit of God,” then I wanted to be filled.

SID: Aren’t you tired of sitting on your hands in church? Aren’t you tired of being comfortable sitting on your hands? Let me tell you what happens when you stop sitting on your hands and you put your hands up to the air and praise the living God. That’s what you should be doing. I mean, there’s something more life than work and sleep, and that’s the way it goes. There must be something more. That’s what I’m hearing you say. So tell me, after this season what goes on in other countries?

NATHAN: Invitations began to come in from around the world. Men that were influential in their nations, they didn’t need a young guy with no qualifications and no Bible theology. But the Lord began to open doors. I was in a field; I remember 10,000 people in our first ever crusade. They were bringing people in on beds. There were people with growths and tumors, people that were involved in witchcraft. And I stood there, Sid, and I said to the Lord, “Lord, when did I think this was a good idea?” I didn’t know what I was gonna do. I’m thinking, Jesus, people are on mats. Lord, what am I gonna do? And the Lord spoke to me and said, “This was never your idea. This was mine. Now get up there and open your mouth.” And you know, I got up there.

SID: So God wasn’t surprised.

NATHAN: No. And I got up there and I preached my heart out. I preached the cross and the blood. And Sid, I just want to take this opportunity; we got to start preaching the Gospel. We’ve watered it down to make it pleasing to a western world. And I want to tell you that when you water down the Gospel you take the power out.

SID: But wait a second now. Seeker sensitive is the spirit of this age. When are we going to be God sensitive? When are we going to be God sensitive?

NATHAN: You know, I began to preach about the blood of Jesus Christ and the cross, and the power of his resurrection. That night over 6000 gave their lives to Jesus Christ, Muslims, people that knew nothing of Christ. Almost instantaneously miracles began to happen. My good friend, my assistant Matthew, he was bringing up people with crutches that were crippled, blind, deaf from birth. And I mean, you see on the early videos, my eyeballs–

SID: I’m sure, I’m sure.

NATHAN: Jesus, you know.

SID: I mean, if that was happening to you, how would your eyeballs be? You know what I mean?

NATHAN: I mean, but I suddenly realized the power of the Gospel. When you preach the Kingdom, the Holy Spirit comes and does the signs and the wonders that go in the Kingdom of God.

SID: Maybe that’s what’s missing in the American church.

NATHAN: Oh yeah. I tell you, we got to preach the blood. We’ve got to preach the blood of Jesus Christ. When you’re in Africa and India, witch doctors are coming to curse you, you can’t preach a wishy-washy message. You got to preach where the power is. The Bible says that the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation. When you preach the blood Hell must recognize it. It must bow to me.

SID: Tell me about the day all this is going on in your life and you’re on Cloud 9. I mean, I’m running out of words to say. You don’t have words for the, and the thick manifest, tangible presence of the living God, and he gets a text message. You get text messages. Tell me about that message.

NATHAN: Well my heart was in the gospel campaigns around the world. In the first year of the ministry we saw 30,000. Within two, three years, over 100,000 decisions, Muslims, Hindus. We had seen all manner of miracles. But then I get an invite to come and do a conference for a pastor who was dear to my family, Pastor John Kilpatrick.

SID: From the Brownsville Revival.


SID: Which you saw the tapes, which caused the fire of God to hit you. I got it.

NATHAN: Yes. So straight away I was nervous. I was thinking, Lord Jesus, what’s happening now? You know, what are you about to do? And really, a friend of mine, that day I was supposed to speak with Pastor John. I had never spoken to him before. And I get a text message from a dear friend of mine, and he texted me a message. He said, “Alabama Crimson Tide have won the national championship.”

SID: That meant zero to you.

NATHAN: That meant zero to me.

SID: I’m sure. You’re in England. What do you expect?

NATHAN: I’m a soccer fan, you know. I don’t mean to offend the people that are here right now, but it meant nothing to me. And I thought he must have made a mistake. I thought he sent me a wrong text message. I don’t care. I thought nothing of it. I spoke with Pastor John literally about three, four hours later, and Pastor John, one of the first lines he said to me, he said, “Nathan, did you know that the papers have said that Alabama Crimson Tide have won the national championship. The glory returns to Alabama.”

SID: The headline said that?


SID: I’d say the glory has returned to Alabama. And then you get a vision. Tell me about that.

NATHAN: Well I knew God was up to something. I got invited to speak at the conference. I put the phone down. I went to go and pray. And when got on my knees, I’ve had few visions in my life. The few visions I’ve seen were all the gospel campaigns around Africa and India. But I began to pray about this. I said, “Lord, do you want me to go to Alabama?” And the Lord showed me a great vision, one of the most powerful visions I’ve seen. And I saw a tidal wave. It was a wave bigger than I had ever seen ever in my life. But what was unusual, what was supernatural about it was that it was crimson red in color. And I saw this wave and suddenly I saw Pastor John on his knees.

SID: Hold that thought. We’ll be right back after this word. I know you’re coming back. I know.

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