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Sid:  I have Brenda Kunneman on the telephone and we’re talking about her brand new book, “The Supernatural You” and I’ll tell you Brenda, I don’t know if other’s have told you this, but the anointing on the book and the persuasive words would convince anyone that the same power that caused Messiah Jesus to rise from the dead dwells within them would cause anyone to believe they can do the same works that Jesus has done and even greater.  Is this the feedback that you are getting?

Brenda:  Oh yes, hallelujah and that it has been my whole heart and I think has been my mission for the whole time that I’ve been in the ministry is to get people to release their own power.  You know we need more than just somebody on television; we need an army of believers that can manifest miracles.  They need to show miracles in the workplace.  I had a story in fact before I was in the ministry, if I could share this.

Sid:  Please.

Brenda:  Before I was in the ministry one of the stories that I think that this might be in the book, if I remember it; I was working in the secular world in a bank and I said, you know God I have just been praying for my boss and I wanted her to have an experience with God.  And she took me in to do my review and this is why this anointing is so important and she was going to talk to me about my performance at work.  And I said, well that’s no problem and the minute we shut, we went into a conference room, we shut the door, thank God the curtains were closed, and she never even started the review, you know I was all prepared like a good employee for whatever she had to say to critique me, and she immediately burst into tears and said, “Pray for me.”  Now, you know she must have sensed something, I’m telling you I put hands on that woman, I was bold, I put hands on her, she didn’t know the Lord, was not a Christian; the power of God hit her; I prophesied to her about something’s that were going on in her body which I was not aware of the whole story and the Lord gave me a word for her about a digestive issue at that time and she said, “Obviously that there wasn’t any way you knew this but by God had to show you.”  Now her life was totally touched by the power of the Lord.  If we didn’t have the supernatural those people might not be able to believe or see the real God that we serve unless we can manifest the resurrection power of Jesus the Messiah.

Sid:  Yeah, but there’s someone listening to us right now, “Oh but that is Brenda Kunneman that’s not me, all I am is a housewife, all I am is I go to work every day and it’s all I can do to read a few minutes of the scriptures before I plop in my bed and I’m done.

Brenda:  Listen housewife’s my fill; I’ve had the most supernatural occurrences cooking dinner; I’m a mother and a wife and all of that and I lived to bring the supernatural into my everyday occurrences.  That is the way God has used me and the way God has shown me that the supernatural needs to work. It’s not just for the person on television that and I want to encourage those that are listening out there that God, He gave you the same Holy Spirit that he gave the preacher, He gave you the Holy Spirit, He knows that that preacher can’t be there while you’re frying eggs and something happens to one of your kids.  He knows that and so he gave you your own resource, the only reason that TV there are certain annointings that go with gifting for the ministry and specifically, but the preachers also have to learn how to tap into the same well that the housewife does that’s at home we have the same and here’s what I want people to really hear, we have the same Holy Spirit.  The Bible says, “Out of your belly shall flow rivers,” that’s plural rivers; that means that there’s an anointing for every different situation that applies to life.  And what I teach people in the book, are principals for self deliverance, some people are bound by demons and think man if I could just get somebody to lay hands on me or if I could get to that meeting.  And that has its place, we need that dimension of the anointing in the supernatural, but we can’t always depend on it because it may not be available.  We can’t always wait for the next word from the prophet we’re in a crisis today.

Sid:  Why do believer’s have more confidence in someone else hearing from God than themselves? 

Brenda:  Well see, and that’s one of the biggest things that I teach in the book, is learning how to have the confidence to hear for yourself.  And this is one of the things of course Sid, we’ve been talking about on the program is to train yourself to say, “I am anointed.”  See the Bible says that how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth who went about doing good, healing all that were oppressed of the devil; God anointed Him with the Holy Spirit and with power.

Sid:  Know what?  Just before you go out to speak there’s things that you do.  I believe that everyone just before they go outside their door they should be doing this.  What should they be doing?

Brenda:  One of the things that the Lord told me one time, this was before I was getting ready to preach at this big crusade, the Lord said, “I want you to preach your message in tongues.”  And you know that, that sounded kind of strange to me, but I said, “Oh well, okay God and so…

Sid:  So you mean you preached it before you went out to speak?

Brenda:  I went in my bedroom which is kind of off our bedroom I have a little prayer room and I just paced in that little space and I pictured myself preaching to these people.  I had never been there before, but in fact I had a picture of it.  And because see praying in tongues is that river to the supernatural and I teach the concept in the book.  And I was pacing, I prayed in tongues, prayed in tongues and I mean my tongues got unusual, they were preaching tongues; I don’t even know to put a word on that but it was just it was like I was preaching in the Spirit.  And I got to that meeting and of course the place looked like I saw it and my message was like, I preach like a woman from another world.  And that very day, I heard God say lay hands on the people, now it’s pretty rare that I’ll just lay hands on a lot of people, especially when there’s thousands there.

Sid:  Thousands?  How many were there?

Brenda:  I want to say three or four thousand and the Lord said, pray for the sick and I thought you know God, usually we’ll ask the Holy Spirit for something specific on how to orchestrate that because that is a lot of people.  And I’m telling you I had supernatural energy, by the time that meeting was over I laid hands on, this is no exaggeration on probably thirty-five hundred people or better.  There were people jumping out of wheel chairs, there were people running that had leg problems.  One person, it was a woman had this huge swelling in her ankles, I mean she looked like she had you know her legs were so thick you couldn’t tell the separation of her leg to her foot, I mean it was just this huge and it went down right there in the meeting; I watched it with my own eyes.  But this came from, God showed me something through this experience, this came from ministering in tongues prior to the meeting.  And God told me you made the way for that; that river of anointing that came out of you was a river that went to that meeting place ahead of you.  So when you walked into there literally you stepped into that room you stepped into what you already forged; you made the supernatural come to pass by bringing that river out of your own spirit.

Sid:  Brenda there are people listening to us right now that have never been baptized in the Holy Spirit, never spoken in unknown tongues.  And there are people that have been baptized in the Holy Spirit and have spoken in a supernatural language, but they don’t bother doing it anymore.  Why should someone be praying in tongues?

Brenda:  Well, I believe that really truly that the Pentecostal experience is something that many in the church have really lost, but it’s as I look at scripture the pivotal event that really changed history.  Now when I say that I qualify because people will immediately say, “Well wasn’t the resurrection of Jesus Christ the most pivotal event in history?”  And absolutely yes it was, but it was all to set up for so that the Holy Spirit, God Himself He was always God wanting to be in us the way He was with Adam.  He wanted to be in us, that was always what He waited for.  My husband had a revelation years ago, he said, “I believe the reason the Holy Spirit came on Pentecost in a rushing mighty wind was because God couldn’t wait to fill His people.”  And so all of Jesus…

Sid:  So God’s in a bigger hurry than we are, is that what you are saying?

Brenda:  He is, and God was setting up by the resurrection power of Christ to make us the temples of the Holy Spirit and if you look through the scripture in the Old Testament in Ezekiel 47 there was the four levels of the waters that started at the ankles, went up to the knees, the waist and then it was a river that could not be crossed over.  And I was looking at this; this is why Pentecost was a pivotal event, the Bible points to it.  And I was studying through this one time and I thought, “Oh man, God there were 4,000 cubits of water by the time that it was a river that’s over flowing in Ezekiel 47 there was 4,000 cubits.  Now historically people say that the earth is about 6,000 years old or about 2,000 years since the resurrection of Jesus, that would make Pentecost somewhere in the 4,000th year of earth’s history.  And it’s interesting to me that the Bible says that to the Lord, a thousands years as one day, 1 Peter 3:8 “A thousand years is as one day.”  And I thought 4,000 cubits of water to overflowing and Ezekiel 37 is pointing to the river of Pentecost that is to flow out of every believer.  God making everyone of us supernatural being that can manifest the supernatural occurrences from Heaven.  That’s what has been on God’s heart, so everybody listening needs to realize that Pentecost wasn’t, God never wanted to be an option, He wanted to make it, this was the event He waited for it was the event the supernatural event that changed history.  I think of the twelve disciples, look what Pentecost did for them.  You had Peter who went from denying Christ to after Acts Chapter 2 preaching one of the most confrontational sermons in the New Testament.  What turned this cowardly man into one of the most bold strong apostles of the New Testament Church?  He was transformed; you had twelve apostles before Pentecost…

Sid:  Well what caused Brenda Kunneman to go from a lukewarm non-Spirit Filled Christian to someone that the world would call, fanatic?

Brenda:  Yes, with that…

Sid:  Ops were out of time is up!

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