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Sid: Well, my guest is red hot for the Messiah; I just wish you’d been a fly on the wall hearing the conversation I had with Chuck Pierce before we even started this interview.  But Chuck, I don’t know how many years ago it was, but I happened to have been in Israel and you were in Israel meeting a group of leaders and someone found out I was there and they invited me to that meeting.  And as the meeting started you looked over at me and you said something to the effect of “You’re supposed to bring the One New Man or talk about the One New Man.”  And I didn’t even know you at the time; and I don’t think you even knew I was talking about that at the time.  Do you remember that at all or not?

Chuck: I do, I do Sid, first of all let me just say, I can’t think of anybody I would rather be talking to right now than you, and all of you listeners out there; this ministry and is probably one of the very best that you watch in days ahead to get the right message of what’s happening as the Church comes into its Kingdom, full Kingdom expression as the nations begin to clash in days ahead.  Sid it was probably, that was probably fifteen years ago that that happened and I just knew you by the Spirit, I think you opened your mouth and I thought, “He’s the guy who understands this.”  And it was so few then that really understood how God was bringing Jew and Gentile together.  I think once I heard you make two or three sentences immediately my heart leapt and said, “He’s the one.”

Sid: Well, I was impressed that you caught that so fast, because I was fairly new at teaching on that area at that time and as a matter of fact I don’t want to go into detail, but many that have embraced what I teach today, when I taught it back then, you would have thought that I was spreading leprosy because they was so different from their paradigm.

Chuck: I think that it was because of that wall of division there.

Sid: But do you know what; there is more to this Chuck that it’s going deeper and deeper and with your prophetic gift, I want our Mishpochah to have an accurate understanding of the future.  And one of the things that I think is a amazing is the prophecy that you delivered in 2005 and tell us that prophecy.

Chuck: Well, many of you know that Dutch Sheets and I visited all fifty states when the prayer movement was coming into fullness in America and getting ready to shift.  And we knew that we needed to visit all states.  So when we got to Alabama we were in Birmingham with Kyle Searcy and who is a wonderful, wonderful leader in Alabama; and in the midst of the service there, which probably had 1,500 people in it; the Spirit of God fell on me and said, “I have brought you here to decree that out of this place; and here’s what happens to me Sid.  All of a sudden when I’m in the presence of God I can see into the future and all of a sudden in 2005 I could see that the next President would be an a Afro-American President.

Sid: Well, that was a good way to get labeled a false prophet, because the probability in 2005 of us having an African American President was probably minus zero.

Chuck: Well, and I remember Kyle saying, “You know we thought that was such a far-fetched prophecy that we kept that prophecy, we recorded it and we kept it before us to see if what you said then would happen and that meant if it happened the other things that was being prophesied that night was going to happen.

Sid: Well, I’m on the edge of my seat, “What other things did you prophecy, I mean anyone that could catch that, that President Barack Obama would be the first African American President.  And when did you say that would happen?

Chuck: I said, “By 2008, it would be the next president.”

Sid: Okay, what else did you see at that time?

Chuck: Well, I tell you it set me on a journey, it set me on a personal journey and it set me on a journey in shifting my own life to pray in a different way, because what I saw was really; what I began to see at that point was really how we had focused on the racial issue in America; before the civil war slavery for four hundred years.  God was going to bring some sort of neutralization to that 400 year cycle of what we call slavery; but what he was really going to deal with was going to be the anti-Semitic root of slavery!  And take us fully into an expression of how we would align with Israel beginning this year.  Now God did not show me fullness, the plan of fullness of this until May 2008, but I started the journey in 2005.  Another thing that it did Sid was all of my friends who, many of them are very conservative in their political stance; they were striving to see who to support and who would win the election so that it could prophecy correctly in 2008 and I finally had to say, “Now, wait a minute guys, you’re prophesying this guy and that guy and that guy and none of that is going to happen; a black man will be nominated and he will win the election.  And I was actually asked by friends, “Please do not say that because you have prophetic influence and it will sway people in this nation not to vote correctly.”

Sid: Okay, but you also saw something back then that would happen in, you were so specific, in May of 2011; what did you see?

Chuck: By 2008 God had started showing me really what this nation was beginning, how we were beginning to turn and so I was at Liberty Island, remember you know how we rhythm things every year?  So in 2008 it was the year to open the gates and so they had a meeting up at Liberty Park at Ellis Island where most of our people had come through; immigrants had come through into this nation.  And we were to open the gate again and invite the Glory of God in and what they would do; they would come through Ellis Island, they would sign the register and then they would go on a train into Newark and into New York City.  So we actually rented the train station there, this group did in Newark and we had a meeting there; we had about 1500 people in and I was to be the speaker.  When I got there the Spirit of God fell on me and caught me up.  Now this made me very useless as a speaker for a major gathering because He caught me up into a Heavenly Realm and He began again to show me three years ahead what would happen.  See I think with me Sid, one of the things that I see is I see that when I’m at the right place at the right time as it says in Acts, as the word of God says in Acts 17:24 – 27, when I’m in that moment all of a sudden it says that He predetermines your times and place, that means you can see the horizon line of the future.  And I believe what He did with me at that moment was show me what would happen and in it He showed me details of this nation; of what would happen in this nation, state by state, by state, by state.  Now before I want to give you, I want you to ask me some questions, but I do want to say this, the first three states he showed me were Arizona, Alabama and Alaska.  This was in May 2008; and in the midst of that it was clear how this nation would begin to take its next turn in history.

Sid: But what did He say about would happen in May of 2011?

Chuck: Well, and see He showed me our nation with its relationship with Israel; he showed me every state’s relationship with Israel.  I’ll go ahead and say this, I came back after that and I was a little shaken from the vision so I did two things,  I asked Robert Heidler, which many of you know that name because he wrote, “Messiah Church Arising.” And he and I work together we co-labor together in Ministry.  I came back and I described each state what it looked like and he drew it for me as I described it; so we have that record.  Then I started researching each state, Janice Sweeney who is one of our Pastors here started researching each state.

Sid: I’ll tell you what, “We’re out of time; we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast Chuck; but I am overwhelmed over some of the things God has shown you…”

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