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Sid:  I am so excited about the teaching that’s coming forth this week.  My guest is Pastor John Kilpatrick, Senior Pastor of Church of His Presence in Daphne, Alabama.  And many of you are familiar with Pastor John as a result of the Pensacola revival and Brownsville Assembly of God during a five year period beginning Father’s Day, June 1995 over 4,000,000 people throughout the world came through the doors of his church because the presence of God was so awesome.   Hundreds of thousands of decisions for Jesus as Messiah; but what I’m finding out is that he was handpicked by God; mentored as a young man in prayer.  Had tasted of this as a young man and now at the great Father’s Day revival it just multiplied and he says that it’s about ready to hit planet earth again.  But what I was most interested in John is the first day of this year, you were given a prophetic insight into the future.  Tell me about that.

John:  Yeah, the Lord gave me a word, “He said, I’m going to give you a word with twelve letters in it and he said those twelve letters is a prophetic message that I’m going to give you.”  And I believe it’s for the next three years.  I didn’t believe that it’s for ’09, but I believe it’s for the next three years is what I felt in my spirit.  And as soon as He gave me the word resurrection He said, “The word is resurrection.”  And I counted it off on my fingers you know and sure enough it was twelve letters just like he said.  And it was like a download, almost like a computer download in my spirit the way the Lord gave it to me and it came very quickly.  And each one of those letters that the Lord gave me of the word resurrection has something to do I believe with the next three years.

Sid:  Well, let’s take because we’re offering the CD of which you extensively teach on what’s going to happen prophetically within the next three years.  Let’s just take a few as an example; the word resurrection begins with the letter r.  What does r stand for and what did God show you?

John:  Well, the first thing Holy Spirit said to me was, and this is right and you got to remember this is the first day of this year and the debacle, the financial debacle took place last year in the fall.  And so the first word of resurrection was the word r and here’s what the Holy Spirit said, “He said, tell my people,” He said, “Ask them did they really believe with the government coming in to bail out brokerage houses, banks, corporations, General Motors, Chrysler, and people like, ask My people did they really think that I would let the government come in and bail out the secular without me bailing out my people.”  He said, “I’m coming in 2009 to rescue my people financially.”  And the next word that He gave me was e and He said, “I’m going to use extreme measures,” He said, “Extreme measure, extreme times, calls for extreme measures.”  And He said, “Because the times are extreme and the times are dire,” He said, “I’m coming to rescue my people, I will not let them go under.”  And it reminded me of the Apostle Peter whenever he walked to the Lord on the water and the storm came up and the wind and the waves were boisterous and Peter began to sink.  And the Bible said that Jesus had to actually take him and rescue him, He had to take him and lift him and life him up out of the wind and the waves back up on the water where Jesus was standing because he began to sink.  And I think that many of God’s people have begun to feel like because of job loss or because of economy or whatever they began to feel like they were sinking.  But the Lord said, “Tell my people, I’m coming to rescue them and I’ll use extreme measures to do it.  And one of the illustrations He gave me was the three Hebrew children as the three Hebrew children refused to worship the image that was put before them they heated the furnace up seven times hotter and even the men that threw the three Hebrew children in the fiery furnace they were consumed, they were burned and consumed just burned to ashes.  But those three Hebrew children went into the fire seven times hotter and they came out without not one hair singed and not even the smell of smoke on their cloths.  God used extreme measures to deliver them in extreme situations.

Sid:  Now, one of the letters in resurrection actually three of them is the letter r which in one case you said, stood for Russia.

John:  Yes.

Sid:  What did God show you about Russia over the next few years?

John:  I had just got through preaching a series about Russia and I dealt with the Bible names that was going to come against Israel in the latter days and I had just got through preaching on it and so my congregation as I gave them this word; they understood it a little bit.  The Holy Spirit is showing me that Russia is going to come against Israel for sure a long with a coalition of other nations.  And one of the things I believe the Holy Spirit showed me Sid was if Netanyahu got elected it was going to be an Israeli issue, and Israel issue.  If Zippy Levine got elected it was going to be a Jerusalem issue.  And you know that Netanyahu is now the Prime Minister of Israel and it’s going to be an Israeli situation because he is not going to give up, he’s not going to give up any more land.  I don’t believe and I love our president, I love President Bush.  As a matter of fact I talked to President Bush on the telephone before he was elected along with a group of other preachers and I got to ask the last question.  And I asked him, I said, “President Bush if you become President what is your stance on Israel?”  And he says that my stance if the Bible stance, He says that when everybody else has turned tail and run he says I’ll still stand by Israel.  But yet at the same time he really used Condalisa Rice and others to get Israel to give up land for peace to divide the land, and God said that He was against those that would divide His land.  And so one of the things that Holy Spirit has shown me is that Israel is going to be defended by God whenever a coalition of nations comes down with Russia to invade Israel.  And another issue is going to be Jerusalem and Sid I believe that in the end it’s not going to be the economies of the world, it’s not going to be viruses, it’s not going to be flue epidemics, it’s not going to be whatever.  The main thing is going to be in these last days how nations take a stand on the city of Jerusalem; it’s not the city of Atlanta, it’s not Johannesburg, it’s not Venice, it’s Jerusalem.  And all those the Bible says in Zachariah 12 that do not deal justly and they do not deal rightly with Jerusalem he said that he will cut them in pieces.  And the Holy Spirit has shown me that this what the crux is going to come down to in these last days; it’s going to be Israel, but especially Jerusalem.  Israel has been an issue now for quite some time really since 1948, but in our time the issue is going to be Jerusalem and Jerusalem cup of trembling in the hand of the Lord.  And I would really caution politicians, prime, ministers, kings, and presidents; you be careful how you deal with Jerusalem!

Sid:  How about pastors that are involved with replacement theology as if the church replaces natural Israel?

John:  My God, I’m so troubled; as I said a while ago in many cases, and I love pastors, I am a pastor, but in many cases congregations are at a different level than many pastors are.  There’s congregations that love Israel and love Jerusalem and many pastors are preaching today that the church has replaced Israel which is, I don’t believe that for a moment; I’ve never believed it.  I thank God that I was raised by a pastor that showed me the truth of the Word of God concerning Israel and concerning Jerusalem in these last days.  He inbred that into me; and I’ll believe it until the day that I die; the church has never replaced Israel.

Sid:  What is going to happen to the United States of America in your opinion or perhaps God has shown you if the United States of America presses Israel to divide the land?

John:  I believe it will be our destruction, I believe that all through these years the blessings of God has been on America because of Israel.  And if you look at the word its Jerusalem, USA is right in the middle of Jerusalem.  And that maybe just a coincidence, but I don’t believe so.  We’ve always been there to fortify Israel; we’ve always been there to defend them; we’ve always been there to uphold them every way we can to honor them and to protect them.  But this new thinking that’s come into Washington now; that come into politics, Democrat and Republican; this new thinking that’s come about to divide up the land and to give Jerusalem, part of Jerusalem to the Palestinians; that very issue I believe will be the down fall of America and other nations of the world.  Because the Bible says that He’ll make Jerusalem a cup of trembling for all nations, all nations; so Israel has been an issue since ’48, we’ve all known that. But now just in our time we’ve lived to see the day that Zachariah 12 is coming to pass where He’s making Jerusalem a cup of trembling.  And one of the things the Holy Spirit showed me in this prophetic word was that Russia was going to play a major role in coming against the nation of Israel; I believe shortly.  There’s a lot of preachers that believe this will be a tribulation event, I’m not so sure about that, I’m not so sure about it.  There’s things that leads me to believe in Ezekiel 38 and 39 those two chapters, there’s issues that leads me to believe that this is going to happen maybe right after the rapture or right before the rapture.

Sid:  So how far off in your opinion might the rapture be?

John:  You know what, I can’t set dates, but I preached a message recently and the title of my message was “Five Reasons I believe the Coming of Christ is at hand.”  All during my ministry as I’ve been preaching since 1970, I’ve been pasturing since 1970 I’ve been preaching on different issues and they’ve all been an issue, but never before has all five of these been in play at one time.  All five of these major signs are in play right now; and there’s five reasons, major reasons why I believe the coming of Christ is at hand.  So I don’t believe that His coming is going to tarry and with all five of these major things being in play right at the moment.  There’s not three in play; there’s not two in play; there all five in play right now.  It leads me to believe that this thing’s are about to come to acumination and I can’t say when but I would say we have a very brief window of time left as a church on the earth.

Sid:  John you time is slipping away…On tomorrows broadcast you had a prophetic word about a coming financial storm and I’d like to hear about that on tomorrows broadcast.

John:  Sure will.

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