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Sid:  My guest, John McTernan has updated his book the title “As America has Done to Israel.” He documents that within most times 24 hours of the United States trying to divide the land of Israel or doing something anti-Jewish or anti-Israel, there have been in modern times the five worst economic disasters to hit America all connected with our relationship of Israel.  You would think that everyone would read this book and understand it and understand the supernatural connection of blessing or curses based on our attitude towards Israel.  And I know that this one of John’s biggest frustrations, but I had asked you and I said, “John do you know if Congressman, Senators, the President, the Vice President, the Supreme Court Justices I mean the influences makers and the world have read this book?” You started to answer that.

John:  Well, Sid there have been two copies that I know of that have been of my book that have been given to President Bush.  I was contacted by a congressman from Indiana awhile back and this was what happened, his wife somehow got a copy of my book.  And it would be interesting I never asked her how she got a copy of my book and anyway she read it. As she was reading the things like we’ve been discussing of the show Sid she was telling her husband, he’s a Congressman from Indiana and he’s a Republican Congressman and they got so, he didn’t read the book his book was related to him what I had written in the book the connection about dividing the land of Israel and all these awesome things that were happening to America.  And Sid they immediately went to the Whitehouse without making an appointment, they wanted to see the President to give him a copy of the book; they went to the Whitehouse and he was not in.  They spoke to one of the President’s advisors who assured them that the President would be given the book and he received a letter about a week later from President Bush saying that he had received the book and he thanked him.  Now whether the President read it or not I don’t know.

Sid:  I know, I can’t image any man or woman of God reading this book and wanting to be on the flipside on God’s judgment.

John:  But God did get the book to him, it was literally put on his desk in the Whitehouse.

Sid:  But let’s switch gears for just a second, okay you pointed out that within 24 hours of the United States latest orchestration of dividing up Jerusalem to make it Palestinian one part, and making it Jewish the other part, and also forming a Palestinian State.  Within 24 hours the most recent attempt under the Bush Administration we had Hurricane Ike, we had the rumblings of something of, if you or I had even prophesied this a year ago people would think that we were nuts, that some of the largest financial institutions in America.  The rocks if you will are shaking.

John:  Yes Sid.

Sid:  Continue.

John:  Sid as I had mentioned on the previous show about the revelation that America is working to divide Jerusalem.  We had the beginning of this, it’s not sort of the beginning, but it’s a major unraveling of our economy, and actually as the revelation came out Lehman Brothers bank had failed and actually did fail $639 billion.  And Sid from that day on back at that period of time, the stock market, the banks, the whole economy of the United States started to come to a grinding halt.  Sid when the President gave his speech about the need to get $700 billion, almost a trillion dollars coming from government money, to keep the banks and Wall Street a float. Right in the midst of that he met with Mahmoud Abbas from the Palestinians to divide Jerusalem.  I have this here right in front of me, it’s dated September 25th, this is what comes from the Washington Times, “The US financial crisis is at center stage at the Whitehouse on Thursday, that’s September 25th when the two presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain and Congressional leaders meet the discuss rescue plans, the United State financial markets.

Sid:  How could the United States gasping for air economically speaking, he could even have an appointment with the head of the Palestinians?

John:  Well Sid, I don’t know you would think he would cancel it.  Now listen to this, “Mideast Peace was the topic of Bushes talks with Abbas. Peace talks were re-launched at the U.S. hosted Summit last November with prodding from the U.S. Israel and Palestinians set a yearend target for reaching a final peace accord that would end the six decades of the hostilities.”  Now I’m not going to read any more Sid, but Abbas met with Bush before Bush gave his you know the final speech there about the 700 billion dollars going into the stock market, into the banks.  On that very day he met with Abbas in the Whitehouse to divide Jerusalem Sid.

Sid:  Now the reason I have you on the air this week is that you have received a prophetic word about America from the Lord, and I would like you to share the circumstances and share that word now.

John:  Sid, there is a certain way that I hear from the Lord, and quite a bit of my book is written as I’ve heard from the Lord I put the concepts and all in my book.  So I know Sid when this, when I’m hearing from the Lord this certain way.  The Lord wakes me up about 3:00 in the morning and it’s always dark instantly I’m wide awake, then I hear His voice.  And yeah, I never ever talk back, I just listen and it’s things to put in the book, things I go research, things like that, scriptures, He’ll give me scriptures.

Sid:  So this is the first time that you’ve had such a prophetic warning in your life.

John:  Like this, yeah.

Sid:  Have you had a prophetic warning previously that has come to pass?

John:  I was warned at 9/11, but I didn’t know it was just a general, it was just…This is the first time Sid that it was specific like this.  The Lord spoke to me, in fact I called you urgently didn’t I Sid as a result in hearing this from the Lord.  The Lord spoke to me and said, “I have broken the back of America.” It was crystal clear Sid, it was, in fact I heard it, it was several times I’ve broken the back of America, I have broken the back of America.”  It was repeated several times and I said…and Sid, in all the years that I’ve heard from the Lord, it’s the first time if you want to, if I could use the expression, I talked back, normally I just listen.  I said, “Why Lord?”  And I heard clear as a bell, homosexuality and Jerusalem.  And then I heard the next judgment will be for abortion.

Sid:  And God says the next judgment will be for abortion, I don’t want you to add or subtract from God’s words, but based on history what does that mean to you?

John:  Sid, I say this with, I don’t even know how I can say it Sid, this is one of the hardest things I think I’ve ever said in our interviews, but Sid it’s crystal clear from the Book of Numbers that if you shed innocent blood it takes the blood of those of those that shed it to pay for it.  And Sid we’ve killed 50 million babies in America Sid, legally, 50 million.  And I believe Sid and there was no date given to me, there was nothing that I think I could say “Well, it’s final it must happen, but if there isn’t a rise in America Sid of the church, and if I say playing religious games, that’s my terminology for not facing reality on what’s going on with the Lord. Not facing this continual slaughter of children in the womb, not facing the dividing Jerusalem, not facing the homosexual agenda that we’re marrying homosexuals now legally in our nation.

Sid:  Now what they say is they call it same sex union, they don’t call it marriage and they are justifying it that way by playing with semantics and words.

John:  Well, the effect with the Lord is that it’s the same you know.  Sid I feel that there is horrific judgment coming to America and untold numbers of Americans can perish Sid.  And what you said Sid on a previous show about the economic changes in America, if me and you had discussed that let’s say in 2007 that Bear Stearns was going to be gone, that Leman Brothers had failed and that Merrill Lynch was going to fail that in effect, how do you explain what the Federal Government if doing?  Aren’t we like socializing the economy?

Sid:  We’re putting a band aids on is what I see it because trying to avoid the inevitable unless as you said and I’m going to repeat, “Unless there is a major repentance and a turning towards God it looks like we’re on borrowed time.

John:  Yes Sid, that’s what it takes; it takes the Church to cry out and stop playing religious games Sid.  Listen to Numbers 35:33 “So you should not pollute the land wherein you are for blood it defiles the land and the land cannot be cleansed of the blood that is shed there in but by the blood of Him that shed it.

Sid:  Sobering thoughts, sobering words…

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