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Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah, his name is Bobby Connor. He is a prophet and we were talking about his gift.  One of the things that I have found Bobby, and it’s really amazing to me, even before people becoming believers in the Messiah many that have the gift of prophecy are operating in it but they don’t even understand what it is.  Was that true with you?

Bobby:  I believe that’s true. People ask me “When was your first experience with the Lord Jesus?” I tell them it is very strange, but it’s the absolute truth.  I was in my mother’s womb, I was a fetus in my mother’s womb and my mother was very desperate because my dad was dying in a mental institution from a venereal disease, it had settled in his brain.  He was dying a lunatic in an insane asylum and the doctors, this is 1943, came in and informed my mother that the baby in her belly would be afflicted the same disease that was killing my father.  So my mother was desperate because she already had two children, my sister two years old, and myself, and my bother one year old older, who was born crippled.  And so while my mom was desperate so she took a coat hanger, made it into a hook, opened her womb inserted the coat hanger and attempted to pull me out of there.  And it was at that point that the Hand of the Lord came and pushed me aside and kept my mother from extracting my life out of her body.  I told my wife what I had just told you and my wife…

Sid:  But wait, just out of curiosity how did you know this?  I mean you’re in your mother’s womb?

Bobby:  I’m in my mother womb, I’m no bigger than a golf ball, and I’m really the size of a cantaloupe at this time and the hand of the Lord pushed me aside, I saw it just as clear anything in the world.  So I told my wife and my wife said, “Bobby how could anybody know what happened to him when he was a fetus?”  I said, “I don’t know, but me and John the Baptist do.”  Remember John the Baptist got full of the Holy Ghost in his mommy’s tummy and then I quoted the verses Jeremiah 1:4, “before I formed thee in the belly I knew you, before you come out of your mommy’s tummy I ordained you and sanctified you to be a Prophet to the nations.”  So that’s my first experience with the Lord, but that is absolutely true.  Your question was, “Do you think that people can receive a prophetic anointing even before they know what it is?”  And I believe the answer to that is yes.

Sid:  Now, obviously your mother wasn’t successful with the coat hanger and you’re telling me you were aware that God literally moved you or the coat hanger?

Bobby:  I’m telling you exactly what happened, the hand of the Lord came inside my momma’s body and pushed me to the side and covered me in the hallow of His hand while she tried to extract me out with a coat hanger.  I’ll tell you what happened, later on my mother she comes to one of our meetings, I was doing a demonstration of God’s power meeting at a civic center and this was the first time that my Mother had ever seen the supernatural power of God moving through me.  And so it just shook her to the very core and she was broken and she tries to tell me that story that I just told you.  I put my arm around her and told her, “I said, oh Momma I already know all about that.”

Sid:  Huh, out of curiosity was anyone in your family or heritage a prophet?

Bobby:  Okay, now see I never knew my Dad, never got to see him. I didn’t know any of his people, so I know absolutely nothing about my father’s side of the people.  I’ve only seen one picture of my father and that was just a small little Kodak picture so I don’t know for sure, but I believe there must have been somebody in the lineage that had a real call and a connection with God because God supernaturally spared me and I believe we’re just somehow had grace on us because somebody prayed for us.

Sid:  Now understand that every Yom Kippur God gives you revelation as to what will be happening.

Bobby:  Yes, for the past thirteen years on the day of Atonement visitation from the Lord.  And He’ll come tell us some of the things that’s going to happen in the future.

Sid:  Tell me one thing that is going to, that He told you this last day of atonement.

Bobby:  Okay, He told me this last day of atonement for 2008 He said, “There’s going to come a Kingdom company that’s going to have dominion demeanor, and they’re going to rule the visible realm from the invisible realm and they’re going to rule it from a platform of love.   He said, “What’s missing in the body of Christ today is real compassion for Jesus Christ, He said, we’ve got to go back to Revelations 2.”  Remember the church at Ephesus; it said it had great deeds, they had great doctrine, but they had left their first love.  And I believe the missing note right now is the love of God.  And God is about to baptize the Body of Christ with 1st Corinthians 13 love.  It’s the next great move of God, it’s waiting right at the door right now.

Sid:  Well, let’s find out a little bit more about you.  This is hard, what you just told me was hard to believe about the coat hanger and being aware of it I mean.  But at age eight you started drinking, how does someone at age eight start drinking?

Bobby:  Oh I was raised in a very very coarse family; nearly every one of them in my family were alcoholics except a couple of aunts.  But you know they drank alcohol and the first time I got drunk I was eight years old, I found wine in my grandfather’s storm cellar, this is in East Texas the sand hills of East Texas. So it was Christmas time I found wine.  I drank this wine and got intoxicated but when I was intoxicated I could fantasize and be anybody I wanted to be and it was at that moment that the enemy really began to hook me with alcohol.  And from that time on I drank shaving lotion, shoe polish, sniffed glue, gasoline and then as we grew on up I’d break into hospitals get their drugs, put them in a sack, shake them up and take a hand full of them and sit there to see what would happen.  I look back now and I realize that was the devil attempting to erase my mind, but God is very faithful.  I actually got converted in the fall of 1968. I had tried everything the world had, the wild life, the drinking, the partying, then they said what you need is a wife and a kid and a white frame house and a job and I got all of that and I was still just as empty as ever so I said, “If this is all there is I’m through with life.  And I was absolutely, I meant that with all my hear so I carried my wife and my little boy, who is now forty-two, carried them to church, let them out and I drove off.

Sid:  Now just out of curiosity was your wife born again then?

Bobby:  Okay when we got married she wasn’t, she’s a good moral girl, she didn’t do like all the rest of the girls did but she was a good moral person but didn’t know Jesus.  And then she started going to church when she got pregnant because she wanted to a better life for our child.  And then she comes in one day and she’s born again.  Awe man and I hated that.

Sid:  Why? Why did you hate that?

Bobby:  Okay, here is what happened to me, remember I told you we had very very poor, my dad died, my mother raised three of us on $29 a month, this is not $29 a month per child, $29 a month for three children and we were very poor.  My mom made our clothes out of feed sack, the farmers back in those days would get their cattle feed in cloth bags and they’d give them to my mother, she’d wash them out, cut them out to make little clothes.  And she’d catch a ride, we didn’t have a car, she would get out on highway 31 in East Texas and thumb a ride and carry us to church.  Now I’m a little bitty primary boy and we’re standing at a desk at a Baptist Church and singing a song and we’re singing one Sunday morning, Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so.  And a voice spoke to me, a cold calculating voice spoke in the spirit realm and said, “Bobby God doesn’t love you, if God loved you you’d have shoes on your feet, you’d have clothes like other kids and you’d have a family and a father.”  And I did a horrible thing, at that moment as a little bitty boy I listened to that voice and the moment I listened to that voice that’s when hatred came into my heart towards God.  I felt like God had shafted me, that He wasn’t good, that He wasn’t trustworthy. See the enemy He’s not a good devil at all, he fight unfair, he fights anyway he can and so he poison and polluted my mind about God and that’s one of things that really opened the door to alcohol and all that kind of stuff.

Sid:  Now, so that then you were really upset that your wife starts going to church.

Bobby:  God born again, ah huh.

Sid:  Ah, what’d you do about it, did you just let her go?

Bobby:  Oh this is horrible, she kneeled down to pray for me, I’d kick her over, she’d get dressed up for church, I’d tear her clothes off of her, rough her up.  I’d watch her go back in the house, make her face back up, put on a new dress, a different dress and start walking eight miles to church, me cursing her.

Sid:  Eight miles one way?

Bobby:  Eight miles to church, but I’ll tell you what I wouldn’t give her the keys to the car you know.  But I’m telling you she was faithful, she wouldn’t give up.  That night in 1968 when I got born again it was a Wednesday night I had carried her to church and let her and my little son out, I intended to kill myself that night.  And that’s when the Lord really spoke to me.

Sid:  How did you attempt to kill yourself?

Bobby:  I drove my car deep into the forest woods down in Kickapoo Creek. I took a double barrel shotgun and I had it loaded with buckshot and I stuck the barrel in the roof of my mouth, put the safety off, put my thumb on the trigger and the car filled with demons just like that, it got as cold as ice in this car.  And the demons began to chant “Do it, do it, do it.”  And then all of a sudden I started trembling.  I mean trembling like a leaf and I put the gun on safety, threw it in the back seat of the car. It’s about 9:00 at night now, and I drive back to the church where I let them out about 6:00 that afternoon and I’m setting under a big old tree and I’m just… boy I had had it and so here’s what I said, now this is a pretty poor prayer to pray to get saved but, “Jesus looks at our heart, not our mouth, that’s when I said, “Lord,” I said, Jesus if You could would You change my life.”  And when I said that just like that He stepped into my life; I’m telling you the hatred, the hatred went out the bitterness when out, all the stuff that had happened.  So I get out of the car, walked to the back door, it’s about 9:30 at night, I pull the back door of the church open and here’s what I see Sid.  I see my wife, my little son, the preacher a man by the name of Paul in the house and several young Christian couples, they’re at an old fashion mourners bench, a prayer altar and their crying out, “Oh God, oh God, whatever it takes save Bobby.”  And see now, if they hadn’t been in intercession I’d pull the trigger, I’d be in hell today instead of speaking on this radio broadcast.”

Sid:  So when you saw that, “What did you do?”

Bobby:  Oh I ran forward, fell on that preachers neck, see I hated him, oh I hated the air he breathed man. I’d catch him in stores prior to that time, I’d shove him, I’d curse him.  I mean it was demonic and that was what it was.  And he’d look at me, he was a German man and he’d look at me with tears and blue eyes and here’s what he’d say to me, “Bobby, I love you.”  I knew he meant it but I wasn’t going to respond to it.  I fell on his neck Sid and cried like a baby man and then I finally I turned him loose and I picked my wife up.  And I pulled her to me and for the first time I knew what it meant to love out of a pure hear and that night the Lord told me He said, “I’m going to send you around the world with the gospel.”

Sid:  You go from a shotgun in your mouth to killing yourself in the same night to being given a vision that you’re going to travel the world and tell people about Jesus?

Bobby:  Travel the world and tell people about Jesus, I said to Him, “Fat chance.”  That’s what I said.  But boy He’s been faithful.

Sid:  Well, He said that you’re going to go around the world, have you?

Bobby:  Yes, we’ve been preaching for thirty-eight years now, and we average speaking five times a week for thirty-eight years.  And we go all over the earth; we go a couple of place now a week.

Sid:  Well, I’ll tell you something, I am very intrigued over your prophetic gift and we’ll get into that on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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