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CLEDDIE: And I was sitting there thinking to myself well if it wasn’t you God it should have killed them. Amen!


CLEDDIE: I didn’t have a great deal of sympathy for them. And then I saw this one person and I was like looking like this almost like I was in a trance. I was going – – … and then I went like this.


CLEDDIE: It was my wife!


CLEDDIE: Now my wife can’t chew gum and talk and walk at the same time.


CLEDDIE: She is uncoordinated. I mean she’ll tell you now she’s uncoordinated and the Holy Ghost got a hold of my wife! Now if you know if the Holy Spirit gets hold of the preacher’s wife it has to be God!


CLEDDIE: She had jumped up, I found out later, Sid, she ran into a laminated beam that we have in the church. She ran straight in it. Knocked her back on her back and she was laying on the floor laughing and she got up and she started, this was on Sunday morning folks!


CLEDDIE: This is not supposed to happen on Sunday morning and she started running around the building and I knew right then the move of God was on! We had service twice a day for the next 3 or 4 years. We had service twice a day except on Saturday and we would have greater crowds on Wednesday night than we’d had on Sunday morning! One night I fell out under the power. How many of you know what falling out under the power is? I’m not going to do that! I’m not going to you know make a fool out of myself! You know but God doesn’t have a great deal of respect for my feelings.


CLEDDIE: I was just under the influence and I was laying on the floor and all I could do was move my finger like that. I could move that little finger.


CLEDDIE: This is a true story. My associate, my youth pastor, and worship leader was Dan McCollum. He’s just written a great book on prophecy. He works out in Northern California. He works with Bill Johnson’s people out there in Global Legacy and what happened all I could do is move that little finger. He comes down and looks at me moving my little finger. He said well he’s giving an altar call!


CLEDDIE: And I was! And thirty people jumped up and ran down to the altar and got saved!


CLEDDIE: I mean it was amazing! It was like that night and day! I mean it was, it was, I remember one day there was a whole bunch of people came into my office in the middle of the day. And when they got together the power of God would fall! It was any kind of thing that could happen! It was dangerous to come together if you were at work if you came by the church. And so I was there and I had my son was going through a great problem at that time and I pulled into the parking lot and I began to sing a little song. I write songs every once in a while. And I was singing Hide me away, mon, in the cleft of the rock, mon. In the cleft of the rock, mon, please hide me away. Oh, hide me away, mon, in the cleft of the rock, mon. In the cleft of the rock, mon, please hide me away. No power, no foe can cancel my new birth. No power, no foe can take away my worth. Cause I’m hiding away in the cleft of the rock. In the cleft of the rock, I’m just hiding away. We started singing that about 8 o’clock one morning and 2 o’clock in the afternoon were still singing it!


CLEDDIE: And there are people all over the floor in my office. The mailman comes to deliver the mail.


CLEDDIE: He comes walking up in the office and he sees all these people laying there and singing songs and he comes in like that and he’s stepping over bodies with his back to the wall. I don t know what he told them down at the post office.


CLEDDIE: I’ve seen our gymnasium when we had no music out there where there’d be three of four hundred people slain in the spirit. I’m talking about in a local church! It was like it became a portal. It was like God begin to move. You see what had happened about three months into it I thought I needed to call some men that had real influence on my life and I called my friend. His name was Leonard Ravenhill. And I said Brother Ravenhill, have you ever heard anything about the move of God in America? And I didn’t know he told the Lord he said I don’t want You to take me home until the next move of God hits North America.


CLEDDIE: And he said no, Cleddie, I haven’t heard anything about it. I said Brother Len, God is moving! I begin to describe things to him that he knew because he was from Great Britain. He was peers with men that had been a part of the Great Welsh Revival. Men like you know Smith Wigglesworth. He knew because he had seen these manifestations of the Spirit before. He knew it was God! He died three months later.

AUDIENCE: Jesus! Mm.

CLEDDIE:  I’m going to tell you right now there has to be a hunger! And I don’t preach to minds. I don’t preach to heads. I’m preaching to your heart! I’m speaking to your heart right now. And I want to give you some reasons why that people don’t have a move of God in their life. Would you like to know?


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