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Our Guest Perry Stone

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PERRY:  Bless the Lord! We want to welcome you to this Mentoring Session. We’re going to be dealing today, I’m Perry Stone, we’re going to be dealing with a book that has been rejected by some in our culture today because of perhaps the difficulty of not understanding the symbolism of it, or perhaps because people think it’s a negative Book or perhaps because people think it’s already been fulfilled.  And that is the Book of Revelation. And the Book of Revelation, a little bit history about the Book. Was written by the Apostle John. And it’s real interesting because I want to go back and tell you a statement that Christ made. Christ made a statement in which He said: “There are some of you standing here which shall not taste death until you see the Son of man coming in the Kingdom.” Now some people believe that because Jesus made that statement that all of His prophecies about the time of the End had to happen by the destruction of the Temple in the year 70. But then if you take the statement that Jesus made and go to John 21 where He is there with His disciples. Remember that He gives a prediction to Peter that Peter would live to be an old man. And Peter says to John, he looks at John the Apostle, and says: “What about this man?” And Jesus makes this statement: He says, “What is it to you if he tarry or he’s still living when I come?” The next verse written by John says, “Then went this saying abroad among the disciples that that disciple should not die.” But Jesus did not say he would not die, he just said what is it to you if he tarry ‘til I come. Based on that verse there are people that feel like all of the prophecies had to be fulfilled in the time of John. So in other words this came up with the doctrine that we hear today called “preterism.” Where people take those two verses and they say well you know the Book of Revelation had to already been fulfilled because Jesus said “All of this will come on one generation” and Jesus said “This generation shall not pass until all these things are fulfilled.” Now if you don’t understand what Jesus is saying there you would think that the Book of Revelation was written before the destruction of the Temple or you would think that the Book of Revelation’s already been fulfilled. But notice what I am about to tell you. According to early church fathers and even scholars who know history, the Book of Revelation was written by John on the Isle of Patmos where he was a political prisoner around the year 95 A.D. After the Emperor who had him arrested died, John was allowed to be released from the Island. Now someone said “why do you think he had to write it in symbolism?” Let me give you one example why he had to write it in symbolism. Because if you read Revelation chapter 17 and 18, it talks about a “Mystery Babylon,” a city ruling over the kings of the earth that’s going to be destroyed. John, in fact in the time of Jesus, when the Jews were speaking against Rome they always called it Babylon. They coded it. And the reason they coded it is any statement by a Jew against Rome or the Roman Empire was instant persecution, jail and death time. So God allowed John to veil it as Babylon so that no one who would be a Roman who would look at that scroll would keep that scroll and burn it. I mean think about this for a moment.

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Our Guest Perry Stone

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SID: Now, as most of you know, I know there’s going to be a settling of God’s glory that’s going to change the whole paradigm of planet Earth. But Perry just recently was teaching at a church and his family angel whispers, I understand in your, right-

PERRY: Right ear. Always the right—

SID: In your right ear, began teaching you about the glory and I have never heard some of the things that came out of your mouth. Tell me some of the revelation you have.

PERRY: Okay. Let me go through, explain the service. We were, I had the message already planned. We have a Holy Spirit gathering every Sunday night, all of our meetings, and we pray for people that want to receive the baptism and the spirit.

When I walked into the, it’s the Princeton Pike Church of God in Hamilton, anyone watching that was there will know what I’m talking about. And I walked over to my associate Robbie James, and every hair on my body stood straight up for no reason. I looked at Robbie, I said, “Robbie, it’s going to be different tonight because he’s here.” Robbie man, “Man, when you just said that,” he said, “Something walked right by me on the aisle, and all my hair stood up.”

Now, he never felt, he’d been with me, but he said, “I feel the atmosphere, but I’ve never felt what you talk about”-

SID: Right.

PERRY: Where when the angel walks, the hair on that side of your body stands up. Then if he walks on this side, and you, okay?

So, I had no notes. I had zero notes, and I said, God, you have something for me, so what it is? So, I started, I came off the platform. I said, I’m not preaching at the platform. I’m going to start talking. With no notes, not even a Bible open, I started getting downloads and the only way to describe this is if you were to take a laptop and plug the plug in here and hit a button and transfer what’s written into audible, I can’t describe it any other way.

But it’s always my right ear. In other words, I hear right through here. This stays totally blank, and I think it goes to the principle of Jesus is on the right hand of God, the angel appeared at the altar in Zacharias, the right side of the altar. There’s something about that. I don’t want to go into all the explanation there.

So I begin to talk about, and I want to share this very quickly. When Moses asked God to show him his glory, he’d already seen 10 plagues. He saw the Red Sea open. How much more glory do you want? Think about it. No, think about it. This guy has just tore the whole Egyptian empire up with God using miracles.

So, in Exodus, God says I can’t show you my face, but I will turn my back and you’ll see my hinder parts. Now, I believe the King James says hinder parts.

SID: Mm-hmm.

PERRY: That always confused me. So, okay, he saw the shoulder blades of God and that was the glory of God, and that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, because the face is where the glory is.

SID: Right.

PERRY: I looked up the Hebrew word, and it actually can mean, and I checked this out with some scholars, they said yeah, the way that word is, it can mean, and I’m going to transliterate this so we can understand it. I will show you something in the distance, or I will show you something about the future.

Now, get ready for this, because—

SID: That changes the whole perspective.

PERRY: It changes the whole perspective. So, in other words, God says I’m going to cover you, I’m going to veil you, I’m going to lift the veil off you and you’re going to see something about the future.

I believe that the Lord showed me, and folks, this is the abbreviated version. He’ll have the information on the whole thing, because this is abbreviated. Moses later comes off of that mountain with his face glowing. He’d been on that mountain forty days before, his face was not glowing. This experience caused him to glow. They viewed his face. Remember that?

SID: Right.

PERRY: Okay. Why was his face, what did he see, the glory? Yes. But what did he see? He went into the future. He went to the mount of transfiguration.

SID: Well, we know, it says he was there, but you are saying….

PERRY: He was there. He went in the future, he stepped into the future to that place where the glory of the Messiah was so on the messiah that it came on him.

SID: What God is saying is Moses stepped into the future. I’m wondering if many of your going to have experiences like that.

PERRY: Well, basically a vision that comes from the Lord is a vision takes you out into the dimension, and it’s really the glory dimension, because when Isaiah saw the Lord high and lifted at that point he talk about, he said the glory filled the temple.

SID: You’ve heard a lot here. Some of you it’s hard to even digest, but that you’ve not only heard, but you have felt a tug of the spirit of God. If you will, I touch a splash of the glory of God. It’s just came on you.

If you say I do not really know this Messiah of Israel, I really want to know him, you could have been in synagogue, in church, in a mosque, all your life but I don’t know him. Repeat this prayer and believe it to the best of your ability.

Home, studio audience, repeat after me. Dear God.

Audience: Dear God.

SID: I’m a sinner.

Audience: I’m a sinner.

SID: Against you and you alone have I sinned.

Audience: Against you and you alone have I sinned.

SID: And I’m so sorry.

Audience: And I’m so sorry.

SID: I believe.

Audience: I believe.

SID: The blood of Jesus.

Audience: The blood of Jesus.

SID: Washes away my sins.

Audience: Washes away my sins.

SID: And I am clean.

Audience: And I am clean.

SID: And now that I am clean.

Audience: And now that I am clean.

SID: I ask Jesus to come and live inside of me.

Audience: I ask Jesus to come and live inside of me.

SID: Become my lord.

Audience: Become my lord.

SID: Give me experiential knowledge of you.

Audience: Give me experiential knowledge of you.

SID: Amen.

Audience: Amen.

SID: See you at

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Our Guest Kerry Kirkwood

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SID: Kerry, give me a one-sentence definition of redemption.

KERRY: To bring back to whatever God’s intentional purpose was. In other words, God doesn’t give up on us. He had a plan from the very foundation of when the Lamb of God was slain. So therefore, whatever the original intention of God is he redeems us or makes that possible for us.

SID: God spoke to you about redemption. Tell me exactly what he said.

KERRY: I was on the way to the office and I was just asking him, would you give me a nugget that I could share with the staff, who’s been working hard. And he told me that very phrase, “I’m going to give you something, a tool, that you’ll be able to apply to every problem you ever face and be able to solve it.” I wanted to pull over the side of the road and take notes because I thought, here’s the King of the Universe right here, thought he told me some mystery, you know. But what he said to me, “To shrink the problem you have to magnify the solution.” And he said too many people have been magnifying the problem and cannot hear the solution. Psalm 34 says, “O magnify the Lord with me.”

The word “magnify” means to make larger, to extend like the overshadowing. In Psalms 91, the shadow, overshadowing, “magnify” is the word “shadow” there. It actually means thoughts. So he says, “Magnify me. Let my thoughts, intentions, come over you and you shrink the problem.” So we tell people, you know, what the doctor said and how bad life is, and how bad my kids are, and they magnify the problem, in essence saying, but look what the devil has done. But when we magnify the Lord, I don’t deny the problem, I just deny the devil the right to use it against me, so I magnify the Lord with him, make him bigger than that.

SID: Now you talk about the power of worship.

KERRY: Yes. When David, in First Samuel 30, is inquiring of the Lord, it actually is a point of “enter into his gates with thanksgiving,” to be able to worship not because it was a great environment, with the music playing and everything was motivational to you—because here these men were talking about killing him. David enters into this place with the Lord and he begins to just allow it to come in up out his heart. Worship really begins from the Throne Room of God. Ezekiel 47 talks about this river flowing and the farther it gets from the threshold, it gets down and the deeper it gets, and he’s looking for people to step into it. So Hebrews 13 says, “Let us offer through Jesus the sacrifice of praise.” So he really is wanting to speak back through us and in doing this, in the revelation of worship, things are made known. There is understanding of who he is and then we can identify the things that have been lost generationally and lost in our life that we can go after.

SID: You told me about something that I have to tell you, excites me no end, going on, I believe it was in Dallas with millennials.

KERRY: Yes, these are millennials. I felt like the old guy there and they were looking around 20 and 30s, and they enter into this place of worship in such an intensity.

SID: How many would you say?

KERRY: Oh, there were at least 2000.

SID: Two thousand?

KERRY: Yes and that’s only one particular service. In a warehouse that is nondescript, wires hanging down, bulbs in the ceiling. There’s not all this fancy tile work and all that.

SID: It’s not the Golden Nugget.

KERRY: No it’s not, so they’re not entertaining. I saw women with babies strapped to their back and one to the front with her hands lifted up and they were not distracted. There was no nursery, no frills at all. We would say you’re not offering anything. The intensity and the worship and just the presence of God would be there for such an extended time. And out of the songs of the Lord, new songs started rising up in that environment.

SID: Can you picture if that is just a microcosm of what God is about ready to do all over the world. There is hope for the world. Stop magnifying the problems in the world and let’s magnify the Lord. You teach on spiritual weapons and my favorite is the power of the blood of Jesus.


SID: Talk to me about it.

KERRY: Well in the pursuing and overtaking, and recovering, I use four different weapons in there, and but the main one is the power of the blood. And the blood was what purchased the right of redemption. And so with that, we had, there’s a sound that comes out of that. We see in Genesis 4 where the blood of Abel that was spilled by Cain cries out from the earth. Blood has a sound, and in Exodus 12, “When I see the blood, the spirit of death passes over it.” So we carry the redemptive spirit inside of us that rejects everything that opposes the very nature of who we’re called to be and the blood of Jesus has a sound, and it is pushing back. We said, resist the devil, submit yourself to God and resist the devil. We resist him because we carry a sound inside of us that pushes back against the gates of hell. And the Bible even says, the word Jesus told Peter that, “I’m giving you these keys and the gates of hell won’t prevail,” and he uses the word “gates”, plural, meaning, but he’s not talking about the gate of Sheol down there. He uses the plural “gates”, which means anything that blocks the revelation of who Jesus is in you is a gate of hell.

SID: I’m going to tell you something. We are using so little of what God has given us.

KERRY: Yes, it’s true.

SID: What would happen if we use it all? I’ll tell you what would happen. You’d start experiencing Heaven on Earth. When we come back I want Kerry to share this amazing dream he had about Washington, D.C. and the Glory. I know it seems like the two don’t go together, but they do. We’ll be right back.

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Our Guest Aliss Cresswell

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SID:  Do you notice I still have my sign? That is not just a nice phrase, that’s for you. “Expect a miracle.” Aliss, you do workshops all over. You go in the street, you have miracles. You have miracles all over the place, but you maintain it’s totally caught and transferable to every believer. Explain.

ALISS: That’s right. Well, I believe that the anointing for doing miracles is transferable. I love doing miracles, but I also love helping other people get activated to do miracles, too. What I tend to do is when I meet somebody, as soon as I meet them, if I’m teaching at a workshop, one of our parties, whatever it might be, I like to release a miracle up front.

SID: Go for it.

ALISS: I’m going to do it.

SID: Right now.

ALISS: I’m going to release some miracles for you that are watching.

SID: By the way, studio audience, that’s you. Get ready, and you at home.

ALISS: If you need a miracle, then I release that for you in the name of Jesus. Right now I invite the presence of Jesus to come right where you are. I don’t need to be in the room physically with you. You have Jesus with you wherever you are in the whole world, and you just call out to Jesus. I release that tangible anointing for healing right now, or not even healing, but any kind of miracle. Receive it into your body. Receive it into your life whether you need some kind of breakthrough financially, in your marriage, whatever it might be. Receive that. In fact, you’re actually going to start feeling something happening in the room right now ’cause this is what happens. But you’re going to sense that tangible anointing of the Holy Spirit. Whoa, right where you are.

SID: I can tell you, I’m feeling it now, guys.

ALISS: I’m releasing that for you wherever you are. You’ll start to see lights in the room. Some of you are going to see lights right now. There’s lights appearing. There are angels around you. Some of you, you’ve actually got bones that are broken in your body and they’re moving. I just told those bones to move around to get into the right place, that everything come into alignment with Heaven now in the name of Jesus. Wow.

SID: Well, I’ll tell you, the presence is here and it’s going to do nothing but get stronger. Tell me about the woman with Parkinson’s disease.

ALISS: Wow. Just telling a story of something that’s happened, it means it releases miracles. What happened was I was the after-dinner speaker in a hotel. It was a nice hotel room, all these round tables, and I was talking about the Kingdom of Heaven and releasing miracles. This lady comes out and she’s actually pushing her friend who has Parkinson’s disease who is sitting in a wheelchair. She is just this tiny woman in this wheelchair and I can hardly hear what she’s saying but she’s trying to speak to me. I put my ear next to her mouth and she says, “I want to be healed.” I said, “Okay, we’re going to pray.” We released the power of Jesus and then she’s trying to beckon me.

I could hardly hear her. “I want to stand up. I want to walk.” I said, “Okay.” She hangs onto her, she pulls herself up and we’re saying, “In the name of Jesus, be healed, walk.” She stands up. She pushes me, she pushes her friend out of the way, and she gets up and she just starts to walk around the room. She does a whole lap. She does a whole lap around the room. She grabs the wheelchair, she pushes her wheelchair all the way around the room, all the way out the building, and she jumps into the car completely healed by Jesus. I love Jesus.

SID: You know, I sense that same power’s here now.

ALISS: Oh, yes.

SID: What about you?


SID: I sense that as we continue talking, it’s going to get stronger and stronger. Now, I would like Aliss to release. She knows so many revelations about healing, but I would like her to release the strongest revelation about healing when we come back.

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Our Guest Tony Kemp

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TONY KEMP:  I was in the state of Louisiana there was a woman who came forward for prayer. She had 60% bone loss. She was in a lot of pain. I came, when she came up to, and I prayed for her nothing happened. I said “Lord, what’s the problem?” The Lord spoke to me and He said “When she was much younger she had an abortion. She repented, asked me to forgive her but she never forgave herself. So I brought it up to her. Instantly she began to cry. As soon as she forgave herself because Jesus said in Luke 6 “Forgive and you shall be forgiven” instantly her pain disappeared and she was healed by Jesus. I was sharing earlier that there was a woman, I did a, a Minister’s meeting in Joshua Texas. A woman came up. She had one shoulder blade like this, another shoulder blade like that. And, uh, she was in tremendous pain. And the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said “She’s mad at her body. She has bitterness and unforgiveness at her body because she can’t do what she used to be able do. Tell her to forgive her body.” In Luke 6 Jesus says “Forgive and you shall be forgiven.” He doesn’t say who and He doesn’t say what. The minute I ask her to forgive her body she yell, she puts out a yell, and she goes UHHH! And her, and her shoulder blades go “Phoooh” and become even and her pain disappears!


TONY:  I remember a case. I’ll never forget this case. Uh, this was a, uh, uh, a Hispanic, uh, brother. He spent a lot of time in, in prison. Uh, he had, he had come to church. Uh, uh, you know, he was kind of a street guy. It was a middle class church. They didn’t understand him, uh, he didn’t understand them. And he got hurt in church, because, you, you know, and he developed bitterness and unforgiveness toward the people. And he, then he had cancer. I so I said to him you need to forgive the people. And he obeys the word. He said this. He said when he obeyed the people he said it was as if lightning struck him! The pain disappears. He goes back to the doctor and they could find no trace of the disease!


TONY:  The first thing I want to say to you is this. I want you to go before God and I want you to forgive everybody. That means ex-husbands and ex-wives. That means son-in-laws and daughter-in-laws. That means father-in-laws and mother-in-laws. That means employers, supervisors, and employees. And if you are mad at your body, I want you to forgive your body. Because the word says, Exodus 15:26: “I’m the Lord who heals you.” The word says in Exodus 23:25: “The Lord will take your disease away.” The word says in Isaiah 53, that Jesus: “was wounded for your transgressions, bruised for your iniquities, the punishment that brings you peace was placed upon him and with his sufferings at the whipping post we are healed.” The word says “by his wounds you were healed.” And see this is what I say to people: I say, Listen, if you get healed I don’t take the credit. If you don’t get healed, I don’t take the blame!


TONY:  Look at somebody and say: “Because the Hebrew songbook says…

AUDIENCE:  The Hebrew songbook says…

TONY:  that God sends His word and heals you.”

AUDIENCE:  …that God sends His word and heals you!

TONY:  So you really don’t need my hand to be laid upon you. Look at somebody and say, “the presence of the Lord is here!”

AUDIENCE:  The presence of the Lord is here!

TONY:  Look at somebody and say, “the power of the Lord is here!”

AUDIENCE:  The power of the Lord is here!

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Our Guest Judy Jacobs

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SID: You know Cindy, you were recently in Portugal and there were a group of gypsies, you were speaking to them, and one was brought forward who was in the last stages of cancer. What happened?

CINDY: Well it’s very interesting. There was actually a gypsy man who was in the hospital, and yes, just last stages. They were going to see what they could do to help him. And we arrived and they said, “Well this is so sad. What are we going to do?” And so we set a cloth that we prayed over it. It’s amazing. You lay hands on a cloth and the power of God goes into it. So they took him to hospital. The next morning they operated on him, and so when they opened him up, they just closed him back up and because there was no cancer in his body.

SID: You know Cindy, you’re known as an intercessor. But what exactly is an intercessor?

CINDY: Well you know, an intercessor is one that prays more for others, although you can intercede for yourself. But an intercessor is going to hear from God, sit in the presence of God and let him give some instructions to them on how to pray. It’s very important. Don’t just, you can pray petition praying, which is a list you pray. I have lists I pray over every day. There’s five things I pray every day for myself. But I want to say to you it’s very important to pray like militant prayers. I mean, many times we’re very quiet when we pray. That’s great. I pray those kind of prayers. But I remember a story about Gordon Lindsay. Can I tell the story?

SID: Please.

CINDY: It’s such a great story. Let me just talk to you guys here on the camera.

SID: Excuse me. You use a word and I haven’t been able to shake this word, when you talk about this prayer of Gordon Lindsay. It’s called “violent”. You ever heard of violent? You’re about ready to hear about it.

CINDY: Yes. There comes a time in your life where you say enough is enough. There’s a great Spanish word for it: “basta.” I mean, it means no more, that’s it, it’s over. And when sometimes a situation will be in our life and all of a sudden it occurs to us, wait a minute, I have power and authority right here, and I can stop this. And it’s like a holy indignation. There’s something that just comes up from inside of you, and we call it violent, militant intercession, where we just say, “Satan, you will stop! Basta! You are not doing this anymore. It’s over! Your reign is over and your authority.” This is such a good story, such a good story. Well I write in my book, “Possessing the Gates of the Enemy” a training manual for militant intercession. That’s a gutsy subtitle, isn’t it. But anyway, and that Gordon and Freda were in a place, and a woman heard Gordon’s voice, and she said to Freda, Mrs. Lindsay, she said, “Were you in Shreveport on such and such a day, and was he praying those kind of prayers on such and such a day?” Because Gordon said everyone should pray at least one violent prayer every day, at least one, just rev it up there. And so sure enough, Freda taught, “Yes we were.” And she said, “You know, my husband always prayed like an atomic bomb going off. He’d get up at 5 a.m. and just pray these violent prayers that shook hell and populated Heaven through the intercession.” And so anyway, but he did that and he was known for that. And I think that it’s important to pray prayers with authority and declaration, and I’ve heard you pray those prayers, Sid. You believe in that.

SID: Every time I’ve read that story about Gordon Lindsay, don’t you forget that, he believed you should pray one violent prayer per day. If there’s something that you’re so angry with the devil, have you got a child that doesn’t know the Lord? Have you got a child that’s in drugs? I can think of a lot of reasons why you want to pray a violent prayer. But there’s another aspect that this woman does that I want to understand. I understand Satan hates it when you laugh.

CINDY: [laughing] Yes. That’s great. That’s great, Sid. I was casting out demons one time.

SID: No wonder.

CINDY: Yes, it’s a great job. Anyway, I was casting out demons and this demon, all of a sudden I started to laugh and this demon manifested like this. I hate that voice. I hate that voice. I’ve heard that laugh all over the world. Of course, it would just make me laugh more.

SID: Of course.

CINDY: I was just laughing and laughing, and laughing. But Psalm 2 talks about, “The Lord laughs in derision.”

SID: So in effect, you are laughing at the results of what you’ve just accomplished.

CINDY: Yes. If God is going to laugh in the earth realm, he’s going to laugh at us, right, just like he prayed for us through the power of the Holy Spirit. So that’s a great intercession.

SID: You talk about all over the world that when people understand intercessory prayer they can avert a national crisis. Tell me about one.

CINDY: Absolutely. There are so many. Oh I’ll tell you a good one. You know, I always say, people, you need to pray for my husband Mike because, Sid, being married to intercessor is just a different life. I always tell him, Mike, you have more starch in your crown for just being married to me. So I wake this guy out of dead sleep and I say, “Mike, Mike, wake up! There’s going to be a terrorist attack on a plane and it just left! We got to pray right now for it to stop.” Well he kind of like opened one eye ball and kind of rolled over, handed me his hand and we prayed. And it was averted that night. It was the shoe bomber.

SID: I have heard so many stories. You don’t have any idea how much power and authority that God is entrusted to you. But you know, when I hear intercessor I think of someone interceding for someone else. But guess what? If you know how to intercede for someone else you know how to intercede for yourself, for your loved ones, for your job, for your peace, for anything. Is it a boring life being an intercessor?

CINDY: [laughing] Gotcha.

SID: That’s enough. We got the devil. We’ll be right back after this.

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Our Guest Heidi Baker

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SID: Heidi, I want you to help the people that are watching, and me. I’ve been observing since we’ve been talking for the last few hours, before the show. Your prayer life is not one hour here or one hour there. Sometimes it is, but you look like you’re praying all the time. Are you?




SID: You pray in supernatural language and tongues.




SID: When you go to sleep, do you pray in tongues?




SID: When you’re sleeping, are you praying in tongues?


HEIDI: I sure believe I am.


SID: So Paul, when he said, “I pray in tongues more than any man,” you can say, “I pray in tongues more than any woman.”


HEIDI: I don’t know, but I sure love Jesus.


SID: You seem to be, and this is observation, so in love with Jesus. Tell me about your love affair with Jesus.


HEIDI: I know I just know him. I know what he did for me. When he gave his life for me I know that I was a sinner and he set me free. And my only response to him, the more I know him is to love him more because he first loved me. And Abba first loved me and I only have [unintelligible].


SID: But any born believer knows what you just said, but they segment God for Sunday mornings or Saturday mornings and the rest is for them. How do you get from where you are if they’re there? How do they get there?


HEIDI: The only way I can explain it is if you’ve ever fallen in love with another human being. If you’ve ever actually fallen in love with someone, would you not want to be with them all the time? Would you not want to be connected with them and in communication? Wouldn’t you just want to be connected all the time? This is what is offered to us. God our daddy God, God, Jesus, God Holy Spirit said you can be one, you can be connected with me. He invites us in and once you step in and you taste the glory of his love, the glory of his presence, you don’t want to be anywhere else. You don’t want to be separated from him. You don’t want your mind thinking separate from him.


SID: All right. What would a first step be for a believer that is there to get there?


HEIDI: I believe you get to know him, that everyone can get to know him, first through his word. And some of you say, well we had this discussion, you work nine to five. Well just get the audio version. It’s like if you’re, some people are worried about not being connected to the Internet, how much more should we concerned about not connected to God? He’s given us a direct line. I don’t want to be cut off. And there is a code. The code is Jesus. The code is Jesus. He’s the code that gets you into the connection with God the Father and Holy Spirit. As you yield yourself to Holy Spirit you’re in communication. So I would say get the Word, read the Word, listen to the Word, be in the Word. Allow the Word to be in you and yield yourself to Holy Spirit. You can be filled to the degree that you want to be filled. You can be filled to the degree that you are yielded to God. Like Jesus, he emptied himself out. He became nothing. Jesus, God in the flesh became nothing and he was completely dependent on the Father, completely dependent on the Holy Spirit and then he said, “Come follow me.” Come follow me. How do we want to live a life in any other way? He’s our joy and our delight.


SID: You know, I wrote a song as a young Jewish man that didn’t know my left hand from my right hand. I was college-educated and everything, but I meant spiritually. And this song was, “There Must Be Something More”. If that’s the cry of your heart tell Jesus you’re sorry for your sins, believe his blood washed them away and ask him to live inside of you, and ask him to be your Lord. Would you pray that the same hunger you have, look into the camera, the same hunger you have, those that are watching, will supernaturally have that jumpstart.


HEIDI: Yes. Yes. God, I ask you, Jesus, to take them in right now. I ask you, God, take them in, take them through, take them in, let them see that your blood really takes away their sin. O Lord, may they be covered in your love and your beauty, and in who you are, and may they never, ever want to leave you for a moment. I pray Jesus, my beautiful bridegroom, king and savior, invade their lives right now. Holy Spirit [speaking in tongues], Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit, my friend [speaking in tongues], Holy Spirit, fill them, fill them, fill them. Some of you need to just pull over if you’re listening in your car. Some of you need to stop what you’re doing and just yield yourself. You might want to get low right now. Bow down, lift your hands and yield your heart to God. Say Holy Spirit, fill me, fill me, fill me. I love you, Holy Spirit. I worship you, Father. I worship you, Jesus. Holy Spirit, invade my life. I want to be fully filled because you’re worthy of it all.


SID: I’m going to tell you something. There’s so much Heidi has to offer. When we go off the air, if you go to my web page,, I’m going to turn Heidi loose, and I believe that you are going to be so filled with the Holy Spirit. Go there right now, And I pray in Yeshua’s name that your hunger has woken up like from a slumber, from asleep and you will not be satisfied with anything short of having intimacy with God, greater than Heidi. It’s available to you. You are chosen. God has selected you in Yeshua’s name. Amen.

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Sid Roth

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SID: That’s called a ‘Word of Knowledge’ and I believe that this young girl is either in our studio audience or in our television audience. And that’s for you. But the thing that excites me, is may the one man show rest in peace. It’s time for the Body of Messiah to come forward for the greatest move of God’s Spirit in history.

AUDIENCE: [clapping]

SID: That’s why you’re being mentored right now.

Lady 4: Mine was a very funny vision, [speaks in tongues]. When we started praying in the Spirit, there was a hole through there. [points towards the talking set] and there was a ladder, and we started praying, and the Lord said, ‘Just continue to pray. Pray, pray, pray.’ And I started seeing a lot of people [starts crying], a lot of my friends and people that I know have said, you know, they are not going to go to heaven. They’re not going to receive the Lord. And everybody, we as we started praying in tongues, we were pulling everybody in the ladder. And as you started saying, let’s pray faster and faster, we started just going all around the world, and we were just pulling everybody out of that ladder, through the roof. It was unbelievable, and I use to work for a Jewish man, about 20 years ago. And then I opened up my eyes because I wanted to laugh, and then I saw him and you. And I was like, ‘Lord, what is that?’ He said, ‘That is Jeff. And you know he’s Jewish, and you know he’s married. But you know he has thought that he’s confused. But he’s not confused. Start praying in the Spirit for him.’ And that is the intercession that you have been doing for that man in Jesus name.

AUDIENCE: [clapping]

SID: Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. You see, praying in tongues is the ancient secret to everything in the supernatural. So you see why it’s been diminished in recent years. But, it’s changing. You know why? I was laughing in the Spirit. There were so many people all over the world from this show, that are going to be speaking in supernatural languages. Come forward, please. All of you come forward, please. Thank you.

Man 1: As Julie was playing this last time, I got lost the first time. And, I saw Jesus, and He said, ‘I’m calling you out to speak to the nations.’ And He said, ‘I’m going to give you a deeper understanding of eternal life. I’m going to give you a deeper understanding of how to present this; eternal life to the nations.’ And this afternoon, as we were waiting in line, I ministered to a couple of ladies. I took them deep into that heaven is eternal life. And He told me, ‘I’m going to teach to have a deeper understanding of how it lines up with the Spirit and the soul, and then the body comes together; all in all. And in line today; one lady who couldn’t hear now hears.

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Our Guest Steve Hill

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STEVE: The one that’s worse off is someone who knows the Lord but is living in sin. They’re like every day is hell. Because there’s always like this shadow around them. You know, His name is Jesus. He’s just always everywhere they go, everything they do. He’s just there. They’re always thinking about I could be better, I should, I could, I should be doing this, I should be doing that, why am I sinning, why am I doing this? That’s what a Christian goes through that’s in sin. So we’re going to pray together and ask the Lord to wash us, to cleanse us. Those of you at home, if you see a number, some information on the screen, I want you to log on, contact us, let us know what God’s doing in your heart. This is so important for you to do that. Okay? I’m amazed. We have a Bible Study on our website, just a two week Bible Study called “Serious About God.” My Lord, it’s amazing.

It’s so simple. And we had a major narcotics addict, I’m talking mainliner for years. Prayed with us over the phone a month ago. Went on that, went through the Bible Study. Well it was like two months ago now, been clean ever since. Just amazing. Just amaz… I’m amazed. But why should I be? It’s all the Word, you know. The Word cleanses. Stand everyone. Everyone I want you to pray. Those of you at home I want you to pray this out loud. Everyone here I want you to pray this out loud whether you raised your hand or you didn’t. Like I said it would be ridiculous for everyone to come forward because… because it would be ridiculous. There’s, there’s no room up here. It just doesn’t make any sense so we’re just going to all pray right where we’re at and I believe that we’re making commitments. Why don’t you pretend like you just went through a death experience like I did and you just decided that it’s all truth, righteousness and holiness from here on out. Everyone pray out loud with me right now.


Dear Jesus/Thank you/for speaking to me/ Thank You Jesus/for not leaving me alone/I ask you today/ to forgive me/I have sinned/I’m sorry/Wash me/Cleanse me/with Your blood/Be my Lord/Be my Savior/my very best friend/in Jesus’ name/Amen. Can we give the Lord praise right now?


STEVE: Now before I turn it over. Brother Sid comes down with me just for a minute. I love this man of God right here. How many love this man of God right here?


STEVE: I love this man of God. And, um, we had an awesome prayer just a few minutes ago back there and I’m going to ask him to do something for me. I’m going to ask him to pray for me. Okay? I’m scared right now. And it has nothing to do with me. I’m fine. I always need a healing prayer, you know that, everybody, sometimes you don’t know you’re sick. Just lay hands on yourself all the time. Okay? But, um, I’m scared for what’s facing our nation, our pastors. I’m, I’m afraid for those people who decide not to follow the Lord when they hear His voice and choose to go the other way. I’m afraid for the people that hear this vision and they cry and they email me and then they turn around 6 weeks, 2 months later and decide not to do anything about it. It’s called “shelf life.” Remember the shelf life of 9/11? Or was it 9/11? Remember the shelf life? What was it? Three weeks? Churches packed out, then after a while just sort of everybody went back to normal. It’s like we have to have a terrorist attack every 2 or 3 weeks, seriously, to keep people concerned. It’s the same way with spiritual truth. They hear it and they get convicted. The devil comes along. Slips in a few lies. And off they go down into his territory. So I want you to pray for me, brother.

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Our Guest Sandra Kennedy

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SANDRA: He was the New Testament! You do understand that? I mean he’s walking on a Word from Jesus. And he was not even Jewish! He’s walking back on a Word from Jesus. All the way back. And you all know the story. His servants met him, and he said, and this is another little “word,” remember, he said to him what, and they said “He’s healed.” And he asked the question “At what time did he began to “amend?” So it wasn’t instantaneous. It wasn’t instantaneous. What time?” And you know when it, when it, when they said? “The minute he received the word.” The minute he took the word. I believe. Can’t prove it. You can’t disprove it. Makes me right!


SANDRA: So I, I believe at the moment, at the moment that Jesus said “Go home…” and I believe, the man, I believe he had to process it a minute or two, and I believe at the moment he turned to go that that’s the moment the healing took place. When he accepted that “word” as his and moved on it. Now I’m telling you that’s what you have to do. You just need a word from the Lord. You need to step out on that word. Let Jesus be Lord. Let Him be your Healer. Take Him as your Healer. Don’t let your Body tell you whether you got it or not. Tell your Body you got it, bless God, “I got it. Jesus did this. I am healed and I’m expecting you to catch up with my spirit man.” Because healing starts on the inside, works its way to the outside. Which is a medical fact also. Starts on the inside. Works its way to the outside. And you empower it by your mouth.

You empower it. You release faith with your mouth. You empower it by simply saying thank you… “Thank you, Jesus. I thank you I’m healed.” Hand you be healed. Heart you be healed. You hear me? I’m telling you to beat correctly! In the name of Jesus! Leg, I’m telling you to move. I’m telling you you might as well get with the program. Because I’m, I’m laying the Word of God on you. And I’ve taken Him as my Healer. He cannot lie, so therefore Body, you must respond in the name of the Lord! Amen? Amen. Amen, Amen, Amen! Amen!

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